Sunday, April 22, 2012

OluKai shoes

I don't usually shell out $100 for a pair of shoes, but I guess that's what ya got to be willing to pay for something different than the average Joe around here. but I'm only window shopping here, promise...ha. I saw an ad in my Men's Journal magazine and checked out their website THe three I liked most were these below. Anyone ever wear this brand and know how they compare?


rugbysex said...

hmmmm...let me see. i'd go for the first one but that's only cause i'd never pay $100 for shoes that look like you got them at salvation army. on the other hand, if i were you i'd go for the clovern hoof look. hahahahaha!

Dwayne said...

I like these, especially the first one. I only wear Ecco brand shoes.