Monday, April 16, 2012


well I'm back to grading papers. this time my online class.. should be able to wrap 'em all up by next weekend though. my friend Amy who I have dinner with every now and then, she emailed and wants to go to dinner Friday and go shop around for laptops. she is a VERY careful shopper and not at all like me, I just got online, found the newer version of the Satelite Toshiba I had before and got one. ha
I'll also be moving some furniture after work either Wed or Thurs so the extra $$ will be nice plus get to see my friend A. ( I haven't found yet if she and her gf were successful in their last getting pregnant attempt at the doctors. SHe and I might try some different churches in the city sometime but next weekend I'll be going to her congregationalist church.
forget if I mentioned this but I've been watching NETFLIX online a lot lately, and last weekend I started watching "Pasta" a Korean tv show. I really like it, and I'm up to episode 8 tonight. You have to watch and read the subtitles but otherwise it's really interesting. I had to get over the whole " demanding arrogant chef" overdone story line... but overall it really drew me in, it's just SO DIFFERENT how everyone seems to relate to each other. My first gross over-generalization of Koreans based solely on this tv show would be absurdly stated as such: there are all these different levels of smartness and you're allowed to teach or command or insult anyone "dumber" than you in status. ha
I'm also reading this book "Just Kids" by Patty Smyth and it's also really interesting. all about how she met Robert Mapplethorpe in NYC in the late 60's and early 70's and how they fall in love, he comes out as gay, and they still are in love and living together and developing their art...etc
hope everyone got a good start off to the week. I had my first hour class for 1st-4th hours today. part of a testing schedule that was fun trying to do a week's worth of lessons and keep everyone interested. I ended it with the last hour and a half of them getting onto laptops and researching stuff and then just letting them relax a bit before the bell.
anyone listening to Ladytron? I got a Pandora station where I set it with Ladytron and added Freelance Whales to it.. anyway. cheers for checking out the blog.

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