Monday, March 12, 2012

you've got to be taught

I was watching a clip of the South Pacific movie of the song "You've Got to Be Taught." At the time it was a message to the viewer about racism and how the character in the movie was struggling with the conflict of falling in love with an island girl, and then a nurse falling in love with a French man who has some bi racial polynesian children. well, anyway, I started to think how one might apply that song to the Christian church and the way they raise children or perhaps encourage one another against homosexual people. it must be taught right?
It's a shame that churches cannot teach to love all, accept all, and not to judge lest they be judged. I guess what I'm getting at is the ole saying "hate the sin, not the sinner." I'm not saying you have to accept them into your church, but with separation of church and state they are an equal part of community. I think more focus should be put on the way you don't judge people as unbelievers as well. Let them go about their business. ok well there's some 2 cents, I'm not getting into any further it's too late and I'll start to ramble.
today was a GREAT start to my break. super weather, I watched tv all morning and graded some papers and walked around the yard, swam laps at the gym before lunch (my goal is to swim and workout all week, a sort of spring break boot camp), and then continued to relax all afternoon grading a few papers and yard work. than around 5 I drove over to a friend's work and earned $100 for an hour and a half of work. we moved some furniture from a container to a mobile home on the same lot. Wednesday I'll do it again. I'm going to use the cash to buy some artwork on Friday for my niece as a wedding present.
I'm super excited to see this artists gallery/studio in Tonkawa Oklahoma, stopping by on my way up to Wichita for the wedding.
hope everyone got off to a good start to the week! :)

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