Thursday, March 01, 2012

weekend is here

what a great week. I think class went well enough Tuesday night, by that I mean that I feel everyone there has an excellent idea exactly how to write and what to put in the paper due next week. School this week at my day job is going well. we are giving all the ESL kids in our classes an end of the year ENglish test, which measures their "progress" in gaining ENglish. Next week we'll start testing all the other bilingual students in our school who are not directly served in a class. yee haw and yay for testing.
We have a newcomer program for kids who are here their first year in the US. after one full year of all classes of ESL except one elective class, they enroll as a 9th or 10th grader and have 3 or 4 more years before graduating. SO when you have a 16 -18 year old kid in the newcomer program. you have to wonder what are the chances they are really going to stay in school that long. if even half of the students come back next year I'll be surprised. already a few say they'd rather go back to Mexico for the summer and then stay there. others have families that will move out of the district etc.. But I've realized the whole time, and I tell the kids. my job is to help you learn English so you know what the teachers are talking about in all your classes next year, but it's also just to teach you English so you are more successful in the US wherever you end up, get a job, etc.. or even going back to Mexico it wil probably help you get a job. ANd I have had kids who never intended finishing high school but the parents bring them for one year to learn ENglish (hey it's free) and then take them out if already 18 so they can start working.. alas.
My friend Dale stayed last night, in from DC. what an awesome guy. he does a lot of international work with nation building and democracy with an NGO. he is speaking at his alma mater here in OKC this weekend. I'll be going to a tree nursery and a car show this weekend! ahh yeah. let's get it started right. :)

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Mike said...

Guess what? I have to bitch to another ESL guy right now. Guess who has a completely new set of classes starting tomorrow? ME! I am now getting the ESL kids back I should have had at the beginning of the year, but then they changed my schedule for the better. Now I'm getting the less desirable schedule and teaching ESL yet again. Oh, and I'm teaching again with nonexistent materials.