Monday, March 19, 2012

sunny SUnday in AR

arrived here in AR Saturday evening to find some homemade pizza ready and waiting for me, got to see my bud J's kids before they were sent off to bed, and next caught up with him and his wife for a while. planted some things outside in their front beds for 'em and then J and I left to the downtown pizza place for some gellato ice cream. Ran into a married couple I knew from college there and said hey and how I wanted to see his house because he used to have a tile shop in town (he's an elem teacher now) and I'd heard he had cool tiled stuff all over the new house. ha
anyway, we left from there and went to a little coffee shop downtown and sat down and talked about his business trip to Houston this week and my job prospects and his work woes etc.. ha Finally made it to my hosts' place and we sat up late watching "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" with Robert Downey and Val Kilmer. I didn't think it would be much but the more I watched, it really keeps your interest and has a good mystery plot. THe funnest part of watching the movie is to see how inept the Downey character is at playing like a P.I.
Sunday morn I went to my former church here in town that I went to in college. said hi to a few people I know from there which was fun and enjoyed actually getting to hear some hymns and praise songs. My church has mostly just praise songs or radio Christian music songs which I don't really favor much for worship, so I like hearing some good hymns now and then. my ex gf T met up with me after church (she goes to an Episcopalian church in town) at my hosts' place, and then all 4 of us with their 2 kids went out for Mexican food lunch, and then Crystal Bridges!!! the new American art museum in Bentonville AR. Very grand place! completely landscaped and beautiful outdoors, and inside tons of ART! The early American is very well represented but I was most thrilled to see Andrew Wyeths and the Norman Rockwell "Rosie the Riveter" for the first time I got to see a Vik Muniz original!! :) He's the guy that did the "Wasteland" art documentary project I blogged about before.
Anyway, there were many other highlights but those are the two I remember most now.
we came back home and while buddy Cl made dinner for all of us, T and I and Cl's wife SH sat around relaxing and posting pics online waiting for dinner. man he whipped up some excellent food fast, yum! his basically made some grilled chicken strips, and a corn dish, man that corn! it was made with onions,garlic, dried tomatoes sauted in a pan, corn added, basil, and served with mayonaise and chili powder put on top and mixed in etc.. That's all I remember what he said he made it with but man it was GOOD. we also had salad and such, and then peanut butter pie for desert from the fridge that SH had made day before.
today I'll get over to a former roomie house to see his family and check in on his studio and what paintings he's been up to lately. he's a "plein air" artist.
hope everyone is off to a great week. I'll be driving back to okc this evening and going to try to post some of the non-flash I pics from the museum ;)

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Anonymous said...

isn't REAL food wonderful?! did she make the p'nut butter pie because of your penchant for p'nut butter?
so glad you're having fun. drive safely on your way home professor!