Wednesday, March 07, 2012

not sure why this was anything shocking or new??

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Anonymous said...

nothing bothers me quite so much as opinions based on "generally accepted norms" rather than on facts. existential "Truth" is NOT determined by majority vote. how many states permit gay marriage has NOTHING to do whether gay marriage is "sinful." when the majority of states held that slavery was swell, did that make it right? i don't believe same sex marriage is a sin. but that's another discussion. putting same sex marriage aside for the moment, marriage was NOT always defined as Kurt defined it, "one man, one woman, for life." ask the many wives of Abraham if they believed that. our understanding of this thing called "marriage" has evolved and will most likely continue to evolve.

most mainstream Christian denominations do not believe that a homosexual orientation is sinful but that homosexual behavior is. i personally think a careful examination of sacred scripture could counter that argument, but that's a discussion for another day.