Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moonstar for Monocle..

my new must have shoe---, not really but Monocle Magazine has them here if interested...
I'd wear it this summer, I'm completely a slip on shoe in the summer type guy. however,
I doubt I'd spend the money, and I'm not yet sure if I'd know what size to wear.
I'm a 42 for European shoes and they have these sized at S - 41 and M -43 etc...
although I suppose putting Dr. Sholls footpads in them would help the M, I'd have to try them on in person to actually spend that amount. I'm only spending money on plants this time of year... Acer campestre 'Carnival' came last week, and this week it was 30 silver oxalis bulbs. :P
spring is here, and these two weeks off for spring break means only one more week of March and then WOW 2 months TIL SUMMER!!!!! woot woot woot.

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