Monday, March 05, 2012

long mon day

well it's never fun getting home an hour before bedtime, because I still want an hour to unwind, check email, get things arranged for tomorrow, and then just maybe get ready for bed etc.. WHOAH super busy today on a MONDAY. I was giving speaking tests all day to random students all day every hour. as we are testing our ESL kids all this week, no kids in a class so that wasn't so bad, but still busy day. my bud Uli came up to school and took my pick up away. He was going to get it back to me after school but had trouble with a part ( he hadn't realized he'd need to replace the top arms as well etc...) anyway, so at 5pm I had to call my buddy from out of town that I planned to meet for dinner, and luckily we'd agreed to meet just 3 miles south of my school, he said no prob and he came picked me up. we had a great great time catching up, just loved seeing him again despite of all our past overseas. and sure enough he had a very tasty offer for a job. He has taken over the company that does contract work with the govt, and in a nutshell, he's trying to get a contract for a possibility here in OKC that would be 5 years and wanted me to be the guy in charge of "professional development" ahh yeah!!!! $$$$ ... I can't say too much but let's just say he really wants me to be a part of it and I think it would be pretty dad gum awesome. however when it comes to govt contracts, nothing is ever ever ever for sure until everything is approved and goes through a hundred cirlces etc. so we shall see. I am still going to pursue the admin job at my school district as a facilitator, but if the contract comes through here in OKC, I might just possibly be IN! ha
well Uli never arrived with my pickup, so instead I had my bud drop me off at the garage. When I arrived they were detailing my pickup. ha. he'd wanted to surprise me but still I was surprised. it's NEVER been so clean, they hosed out the inside floor and rubbed it all down inside and out, they were buffing it up when I arrived. ha... Uli and I used to have this joke that he said he'd read in a magazine somehwere in Mexico and we both agreed it was true. That in Mexico they throw the trash out the window but in USA we throw it on the floor of our cars. ha so yeah my pickup had cups and lids and whatever all cleaned up. ha
I still need to get the wheels aligned though, it was shaking over 64 mph on the ride back home. He's also looking for a replacement wheel for my front wheel that I bumped into a curb with last week in the snow.
all right all I'm a gonna CRASH now. long day tomorrow teaching both job yadda yadda.
cheers and 4 more days to SPRING BREAK!!


Anonymous said...

When you say Uli replaced the upper arms, are you talking about the upper control arms or the upper ball joints mounted in the upper control arms, or both?

I would not drive that truck at highway speeds until it is aligned, not safe. Also, it is very hard on your tires, get the alignment ASAP!

dan said...

both. :) I'll prolly keep it off the hiway til I get 'em done after school tomorrow

thatguy said...

SXSW! I'm so excited about it, and I'm just gonna assume that every dude I see there is you. :)

Anonymous said...

hey lead foot! ease up on the gas will ya?! leave a little early so you get where you're headed. gee willakers bud...take it easy!