Monday, March 26, 2012

keep on keeping on...

man what a day back to school. but I'm pretty excited to get to the weekend because the end or March, only 2 months left til SUMMER. woot woot.
also after this weekend is the next, EASTER, and then the next is April 15th which is our traditionally last frost in OKC and my big shopping weekend for plants up near stillwater and Bustani plant farms.
after that, well it just keeps getting better as things warm up and we wrap up another school year.
My break was full of relaxing and yard work and good times with friends, and NETFLIX.
I watched the already mentioned "Tiny Furniture", and also many documentaries. "Being Elmo" had me crying at some point in the film. also another unique film about Dr. Bronners soap company. IT was really fascinating and whether you agree with his all one God all one philosophy, you have to respect his drive. I loved the way his son would talk to people and love them and listen. really refreshing film.
I forget what else, I watched a bunch of episodes of "that mitchell and Webb look" british comedy.
I made lots of cash helping my friend move furniture at her mobile home place. I even visited church with her and her gf/wife last weekend. A congregationalist church, sort of like a church for Christian democrats if I had to describe it in a nutshell. ha ha. I'll write more about my beautiful wonderful friend A some other time, I love her shoulders. and her dark haired younger gf is beautiful as well. I think I'm just excited to be social a bit more in this town overall, and also that you can have gay friends and they are not always the most extreme liberal activist type out there. funny how I myself am reminded of that after always claiming so much that people shouldn't generalize all gays into one group. harumph.
right now I must get to bed! I have big plans to swim laps before work in the morning at 530am and have my shirt and pants and shoes and belts and razor and shaving cream all setting here by the table ready to go with me in the morning. :)

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