Thursday, March 08, 2012

gender neutral what ?

THis was pretty interesting -- today in Oklahoma there was a protest on OU campus.. protesting that how dare the University not provide gender neutral housing! Boren came out and said he'd read the details in their petition.. you can read about it online at NEWSOK here...
I'd like to hear any comments for or against the special housing quarters they are protesting for in order to prevent harassment in the dorms.
I'm not sure what direction to come at this in comparison to civil rights for homosexuals and transgender and where a line would ever be drawn, it seems more reactive that proactive but I'm going to remain "neutral".


rugbysex said...

it's things like this that give gays a bad name. they should be protesting harrassment wherever and whenever it takes place. but a dorm for gays? maybe next we'll have a dorm for blacks, a dorm for indians, a dorm for left handed, blue eyed ruggers. SHUT-UP!!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ rugbysex....harassment in college dorms can be an was for me in my junior year. I would be happy to have a safe dorm for my gay brothers and sisters far removed from bigotry. Plus imagine a place where you can be free to be yourself!

rugbysex said...

@1:34 p.m.
harassment is a terrible thing and shouldn't be tolerated ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! period! it's the duty & responsibility of the institution to insure there's "zero tolerance" for such behavior. it's a question of inclusion vs. isolation. Plessy vs. Ferguson's "separate but equal" approach was repudiated by Brown vs. Board of Education. gay men or any minority for that matter deserve to be included in society and shouldn't seek to be further isolated from it.