Wednesday, March 07, 2012

count down....

all right just 2 more days till SPRING BREAK! I may not be going to Austin... it's all sort of up in the air right now. thing is, there is a multicultural institute conference at UCO this weekend that I'm supposed to go to for school and I probably should go Friday night to hear Dr. Krashen who is the know all know all about everything language acquisition... also to network and get to know other esl teachers attending. If my job prospect come through for next fall I'll have to start recruiting 20-50 teachers... whoah.
anyway, so that means either drive down to Austin on Saturday or just ditch it and relax at home... ahhhh which sounds really good at this point instead of that long drive. I have to be home by TUesday anyway for night class. The community college doesn't have break til the following week.
I'm doing a bit of landscaping over break next week and maybe this weekend. the bit of earth between the street in front of my house and the sidewalk is overgrown grass which I hardly mow much during the summer, so I thought of tearing half or more of it out along the sidewalk and putting in a bed of more drought tolerant stuff, and grasses and white baptisia, rattlesnake master, lychnis coronaria, etc etc.
I'm going by a place to try and match a wheel to my ford ranger , then off to a place to have the wheel switched out and balanced. I'm holding out on the alignment until after the wheels are balanced and all. my tire guy said he'd check the alignment no charge , nice!
definitely going to continue my gym time over break... summer's only a couple more months off btw. get to it guys!

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