Wednesday, February 15, 2012


hello midweek. man I've been so busy this week, glad it's more than halfway over.
first of all, I want to say how great this year has been at my day job. I can't get enough of it. I'm sort of facing every challenge and wanting to keep my lessons all the more planned and full of stuff they can actually get into and learn from. I'm doing well enough with my newcomers getting them to learn science and math vocabulary but my stuck in the grind 2nd year ( which means 2nd level but some have been at that level 3 years in high school!!!!!) well that class it's hard to push them to answer and/or write. but they listen and obey so it's all good. I'm thankful for the rapport I've developed over all. We had snow on Monday and I lost control of my pickup on a down ramp turn off of a road and slid into the rail/curb and then continued along my turn. I wasn't going too fast so no real damage done and thank goodness no other cars coming up in the other lane. but it sucked and now my alignment is out of whack, I feel a shake in the steering wheel as I approach 70 on the highway etc... And then I sort of got OCD about the sidewalks from our building back behind and to the side of the high school building and during my plan I went and got shovel from the shop class in our building and went out and shoveled some snow and scraped the slush and sludge to make a path for the students and teacher. just pissed me off that the school doesn't even attempt to treat the students and teachers with actual path to walk on with our splashing in the slush and snow. I think they deserve better, after all our principal said last year about having the same expectations for our students as you would at any other school. and the way I see it they deserve the same, talk about helping school rapport and pride, well it started with little things like that. Unfortunately our school right now is cramming for EOI (end of instruction) tests and even getting the elective teachers to use their classes twice a week for tutoring... pretty funny when we always tell students not to cram before a test and that's exactly what our school is doing. THing is I work in an inner city school that is very low achieving, so they are worried about the whole school getting fired and rehired etc like another city school did last year. blah blah ok sorry to bore.
Tuesday night class went very well and I got 20 essays turned in which I'll be grading the rest of the week. I worked out today after work and am feeling pretty good and going to rest easy tonight. 2 more work days to go. I came home last night and while on the back porch with my keys out to open the door I took a long deep breath of the cold crisp wetness in the air, and smiled about the hint of coming spring. I'm ready! :)

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Mike said...

Sounds like things are going well in your class. Glad to hear your kids are obedient and learning. Don't even get me started about our beyond ridiculous cramming for the state testing. We started today - and the test is not until April - I work at a school that has been taken over by the state because our test scores are so low. Half of the staff was replaced a few years back when the state took over. We should chat and catch up soon..