Friday, February 24, 2012

web log update

anyone looking for a laptop? there was a deal posted today only on if interested.
This week went by super fast and all the better. teacher meetings Monday no kids at school. Tuesday night class couldn't have gone better, had a great discussion all about Letter From Birmingham Jail and assigned essay 2 rough draft. ugh. ha
Wednesday I missed the first half of the day to go to a hotel for a textbook adoption thing where all these companies present books and we'll be evaluating the rest of the semester. :) that is IF we even have a budget to get now books. I emailed the guy in charge of the ESL dept in my district and found out the posting that has been up all semester was not really a posting and had been filled. dang! however, he also said come by and talk to him sometime so that's cool. now he knows I'm interested.
well anyway, on Wednesday morning this guy who is now a facilitator for the esl dept (the job I'd wanted) told me he's applying to teach in Mexico or somehwere else next year... very cool that means he could leave and I could maybe get right back in. Although I am having a great year this year at my public school day job, but I'm up for something different and plus more $$. side note, the guy wanting to go to Mexico is this gay guy I met years ago when I was working at the haunted house, if anyone remembers, buff bodied blond guy. he's quite the go getter and was an excellent middle school esl teacher, now in admin, and next maybe Mexico.
I also need to call the university about a PHD program and if I want to follow through or not. other news, my buddy from DC is coming back to okc next weekend so he asked to stay over Thursday night. yay dinner. also my former roomie from when I lived in Kabbull in 2008, he's coming into OKC for a few days and we're doing dinner Wednesday night. man next week going to be busy also. I'm looking forward to seeing the former roomie and hear what he has to say. He's coming to town for some sort of govt contract , I know, and I look forward to hearing what sort of job offer he might want to see me about. (we've emailed before about possible jobs either teaching overseas again and/or a teaching job right here in okc, the thing is I am happy working in the district now and the comm college. but I'd be willing to hear how much I could make doing contract work, on the other hand the contract work may not last but a year or 2 and then what... )
ok so anyway, I'm sure all the contemplating job probably drives you up the wall, I'm pretty happy here in OKC living in my house and doing all my yard work each spring/summer so I don't see myself going anywhere soon.
I got some great advice on my ford ranger a while back. thanks for the comments! I have been to see my friend who has his own shop and he's going to do the work way cheaper than the other places I asked. he's going with me to get the parts and then he'll do the work for a smaller fee etc etc. I forget if I ever blogged about Uli. when I used to teach the night esl class at the tech school, well he'd come in every night just about, and we'd practice talking back and forth all night, I'd correct his English and he'd correct my Spanish. anyway long story short eventually he quit coming and had to work more for his family and kids. By now his visa from when he came from Mexico has ran out and so he's stuck here with his wife and 5 kids etc etc. He has his own mechanic shop behind this auto place here in okc. Yes I know you'll think it strange I have such a great friend who is an illegal immigrant when I have such an anti illegal immigration stance. But my stance is more about the govt not doing it's job, nothing personal about those already here.blah blah.
btw, when I hit the curb in the snow last week, it rubbed off and bent a bit of the inner rim on my front wheel. so that will be replaced as well. thank goodness I can take care of it all before driving down to Austin for SXSW in a few weeks. woot woot. good weekend to everybody.:)

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Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to hear this, but since you need an alignment (computer based), its a good time to replace tie rod ends, shocks\struts, in addition to the ball joints. Replacing all those parts, especially the shocks, will make your truck drive like it did when it was new.