Wednesday, February 01, 2012


this week's going by way too fast, but I like it like that this time of year.
I promised myself I'd be more prepared for next week's night class after last night. this semester they are still really quiet and either don't have questions or just not as talkative a group as I had last time. but it kept throwing me off. We shall see when the rough draft are due next week ( I teach a community college comp class).
day job going well enough, I was observed again today, the vp's are required to do so many a year and my principal likes me well enough, and I had my LEARNING GOALS clearly posted on the board of course. ,ha
I had a talk with some teachers about a homework assignment that one of my students asked me for help with, finding an example of onomatopoeia or personification in a "poem" from her English class which was a printout of the lyrics to Lil Wayne's song Not Like Me. Man I was sort of surprised, I mean I get the whole thing of using rap music to relate to kids and all to get them interested in verse but that's some bad bad stuff. TRASH if you ask me, sorry if you're a fan but I'm hoping there aren't too many Lil Wayne fans that would come across and relate to this blog. anyway, I mentioned it to my dept teachers and our leader said she'd subtly put a bug in the principal's ear jsut to check in on the assignment or if it was already approved perhaps. I felt like a real jerk/snitch after she said she'd do that cause I was just sort of talking about my surprise of the whole deal.. but ahh well, check out the lyrics and they are pretty profane for a public high school, I mean come on!
in other news, a GLORIOUS day highs in mid 60s here, I went to the gym, and remember the half irish/mex cop that works out there who I like, well I havn't seen him in forever but his little brother works out there still and his arms are getting big and a nice chunky chest and man I could see some nice supple nipples through tight tshirt today. but the guy HAS to work his LEGS, I'm telling, you don't want arms approaching the same size as your legs. PUHLEASE. no kids at school Friday so let's get Thrus over with and let the weekend begin. :)

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Mike said...

You only had your learning goals on the board? Pffft. Try objective, essential question, language frame, language objective, agenda, date, questions the students will be able to answer by the end of the period, and word of the day. NO JOKE. There is no room to write on the board when all that is done.