Saturday, February 18, 2012

good day

you all enjoying the weekend or WHAT? I've been pretty busy grading papers all day, but I also caught up on some tv and online shows. pizza lunch, home depot for yard supplies, worked outside some, but it's cold and wet out here so I'm back inside cleaning up and working through this stack of papers. I am pretty excited about this nice long weekend. I'm out of school Monday for teachers' meetings. so yes work but no kids! :) I'm on a textbook adoption committee for the district and am going to a textbook exhibit at a hotel downtown on Wednesday morning. SO this next week will go by fast no doubt. all that closer to springs break which is coming up in 3 weeks March 10!!! that will be me driving down to Austin for SXSW , but really just hang out with buddy H. He and I have been shopping plane ticket prices for Memorial day weekend to NYC, although he's lately saying he'd rather go somewhere more exotic and jungly? or something. hmmm
I know one thing I have to get my wheels aligned before I drive anywhere out of okc, also I have yet to go by my Mexican buddy's mechanic shop in town to get my ball and socket joint replaced on my pickup etc etc.. ugh there's always something to spend that cash on ain't they? whoosh.
Anyone want to explain what Pinterest is? I went ahead and joined and now I think I'm supposed to start putting up photos or something in categories.. I'll be checking it out more tomorrow no doubt. I am also thinking of getting a $300 Itouch mp3 player next month, and then I can join my friends using Instagram or something liek that. my austin bud H says I'd love it apparently. :P


Anonymous said...

riddle me this batman...what's the differenc between an itouch mp3 and an ipod touch? never mind, i'd never understand. you go technivo!

thatguy said...

SXSW is gonna be awesome! Which reminds me, I need to start RSVPing for stuff immediately.