Saturday, February 11, 2012

gay agenda in OKC

Randy and his beau are in town for the kick off of their performance art tour "Gay Agenda". It's along nw 16th street in the plaza district east of Penn. so make sure you get a chance to go by and check it out if interested. you can read more about it here at Towleroad, or here at gayly oklahoman...
they got off to a good start last night although it dipped down pretty cold. luckily they are inside a storefront window, sitting on a couch and going about their "daily business as a gay couple." they arrived pretty late here last night around 12 and I shooed them right off to bed, this morning they were up and out of here by 8 am. They'll be going 8-8pm and then again tomorrow I think until 7pm?? Was awesome to see Randy and K here in OKC. Randy hasn't been by my place in several years like pre-kabul trip days. I had fun showing him my rugs and latest graphic novel purchases and he took some of my DVD's with him to watch today while they're sitting around etc..
My place has never been cleaner, ha. I had it all picked up and ready to receive guests, bathroom scrubbed and cleaned, bed sheets changed, got all my stuff I needed over to the guest room for me to sleep on the twin in there etc.. I have a garden club meeting/lunch today, and then hope to go by and see them either before or after running by my folks place. (I bough some lumber and asked my dad to make a 3/5 frame for me to stretch a canvas on, and he emailed this week he was already finished, now if I can just find where I shoved away that canvas.. .ugh).
Went with okc buddy S last night to the OKCMOA to see the Oscar nominated short films showing at 5:30 this weekend. tonight we may go see the live action films nominated showing at 8pm. enjoy your weekend. you just gotta know that spring is around the corner!
BTW I withdrew my name from the ahbu dahbi jo - they FINALLY emailed Friday with the cities and dates, and the date for Houston was the same weekend as my nieces wedding in wichita during spring break, so forget, plus my heart wasn't in to, the whole leave for 2 years thing and desert living. blah!
sad news, I'm not yet sure I'll get to europe for spring break either, dang it all, the wedding is the weekend right in between my 2 weeks off, so alas, perhaps this summer i'll get to use that ding dang passport again. ha in the meantime plans are for Austin for SXSW and then maybe DC the last week of my spring break. I'm waiting for inspiration what to do and of course good flight prices anywhere. :P


Anonymous said...

Are you thinking about taking the parents to see the performance art?

If you have trouble stretching the canvas, stapling, wrinkling, or frame warping; have you thought about using a masonite panel instead or for your next project? Just coat it in paint or gesso and your good to go.

Mike said...

You should think of So Cali!