Tuesday, January 17, 2012


well fellow bloggers, readers, pic viewers, lurkers, closet cases, gay dudes, Christian don't know whats...etc... Today was a pretty great day all around. even though it was longer since I started back to class tonight. I have a really good mix of college students, big ole variety of people. I have 2 students that I've had in my classes before, one who tried taking my comp 2 class last sem and didn't make it for whatever reason, and 2 from my comp 1 class last year.
This one kid at my day job, you may remember the brother of the pregnant girl who moved to El Paso to live with other family. well I had called his aunt last Friday about him being in the In School Suspension for not having his school ID, and then how the other teacher on my team really trying to get him to stop using spanish curse words, and how I was having a defiance of authority problem in general, and how rude he was to our truency lady when she called him in to get home phone numbers etc... how he spoke with a counselor about being so angry all the time.... how we are trying to encourage him to protect himself from getting in trouble by making good choices blah blah. I was all prayed up waiting to see what his reaction would be in class today and what I'd have to do with him, (which means write him up!!ha).
well anyway, he wasn't here today so it made for some really good classes! I have that group of newcomers twice a day, once for science language, and again for Algebra 1 ( this used to be an ESL math language class, but since I'm certified for Math also, they changed it Algebra I so they can get credit for the class, although I'm basically teaching the same math concepts and language as before, however it WILL prepare them for algebra again next year.)
7 guys who respond and work well together through our discussions and activities, one new girl "fresh off the boat" who speaks NO ENGLISH yet at all, and it's her first full week so she will probably have a bit of a "silent period" anyway, which is normal for ESL kids.
Thanks Anon for the great comments, it's true about considering the hassled of coming back to the US and getting a full time job, AGAIN! I know I can always teach part time at the community college until I get the right fulltime job again but is it what I want, paying my own health insurance etc... ALso true about considering Grad school again, my friends have said the same thing, why and where would I want to teach, and when you get your doctorate then plan to teach at a school smaller than where you got it, (for example OU would hire dr's from Yale in a minute not necessarily U of A etc...) and my goal would be to teach at my alma mater private Christian school if I ever did pursue that direction. thanks all around.
Today we were told that our state has applied for a NCLB waiver, which means we get all new guidelines and I'm not sure how secure my ESL job would be anyway. blah blah boring.
well hope everyone had a great Jan day. I am ready and raring to get this shorter week over with. :)I'm going to be pretty busy this semester since I'm teaching a night class on Tuesdays and also an online class. but I hope to save up the extra $$ for some home improvement. You may remember the kitchen countertops I talked about redoing and then eventually my bathroom etc..
cheers.I began the day with Josh 1:9 and it really kept me going today. :)


thatguy said...

Just keep in mind, UT has a great Higher Ed program!

Mike said...

This week needs to be over. I'm stressed to the max. Work is crazy- and for once it is not the behaviors!!!

Sounds like you are sailing with some pretty good classes.

Anonymous said...

The odds that your alma mater will have an opening when you need it seems small. Besides, is that the best fit for you? How does the school feel about gays? Lets say it is negative, would it be good for you to face that everyday mental health wise? I know your not dating right now and maybe never, but do you need another place where you hide your gay side? You may want to date a guy some day, if so you should be free to do it.

Maybe you should apply to some top programs like Yale, if you get in go, then you will have more employement options. Going to a lower tier program is more risk, I know two biology Phd's that could not find a job in their field, both went to midrange programs.

Think about the long term financial issues with changing jobs balanced with long term happiness. The Phd and teaching at the univ level would make you happy, and you could work until age 70 or more, maybe? The expat work leaves you scrambling at the end of each contract looking for work, no retirement, no long term insurance coverage.

Also, you really gotta consider your current teacher retirement plan. Don't under value your pension plan. If you stick with it for the long run and draw out the equivalent of todays $2k-3k per month, that is like having a million dollars earning 2-3% low risk return. Can you make up for that with expat work or taking 5 years off to go back to grad school?