Monday, January 23, 2012

survived Monday

I"m just waiting to see where the winds may blow....I had leaned a little more towards forgetting about the overseas job, and then I got all romantic minded about the travel, new people, places to see etc... yadda yadda... and then I was at the home and garden show and started thinking bout my yard this summer and the double pane windows I want to get on the front of my house, and the bathroom I need to update and other home improvement things and was leaning more towards just staying here. on the other hand I spoke with my Austin buddy who was saying, man, DO IT! what EXPERIENCE!! ha
on the other hand, all the dark side of DUbai things I've been reading have me a lot of second thoughts of teaching in a country that could let people live in such poor state and also considering the country is pretty much a dictatorship... alas.
Austin buddy is doing well since the break up. learning to be dependent upon himself and staying accountable in his recovery at meetings, living life day to day etc...
A new dynamic of our relationship is his grasp upon his belief in God and his new zeal for his Christianity, so that's all very interesting to me. I plan to visit him during spring break for the SXSW music festival down there that weekend.
I am off to a good start to the week. I'm hoping to make myself do the drive down to Norman sometime this week and talk to someone in the grad school program about my options. I am also looking forward to tomorrow night's class and getting to know the students. hope everyone got off to a good start to the week. :)


Anonymous said...

I you go overseas, get a disability insurance policy, ideally negociate for one on your contract. If you get sick or injured, a good policy would give you some financial breathing room to recover and find other work.

Is it possible to do some work towards your doctorate while keeping your day job? If so, that could make the grad school transition a lot easier financially.

Anonymous said...

Dubai is very expensive. americns go over and expect the same style of living. you should watch a ew episodes of House hunters internatinal on hgtv. if youngo usually the scl provides ou wih a housing allowance but expect topay a min $ 2800mt for a studio.
I had a friend who workedin art gallery in high end mall and they gave her an allowance and money for servant since she was woman alone.there are like 40 museums and high end galleries in the Emirates. large American community.