Sunday, January 15, 2012

summy sunny day

a reader asked if I had posted about baseball dude before or just expected readers to know. the answer is no and no. however I do expect most readers know how to use a search engine. ha ha
I'm enjoying a great sunny sunday here in okc, was at church this morning and ran into a girl I graduated HS with whose husband dies of cancer last Nov... She and daughter are doing well and are just now getting back out in to church and stuff. she likes to think of how much less pain he is in having passed on, last year was a pretty tough one for them dealing with cancer and all. My dad told me this morning he'd like to come over and help with a few projects which is very good news. ha and my sisters and I are going to see War Horse the movie this afternoon since we all saw the play together in NYC. man I'm really glad to have off tomorrow.
I received a call yesterday afternoon from the recruiters office in FL for a pre-interview about the job overseas. they said I great experience having already travelled, taught overseas, and years taught in general. However he asked me to rewrite my resume so that instead of just putting years of experience it showed actual dates.... long story but yeah I'm going to edit it and send another in. also I have no idea where my diploma is from grad school. so I'll be looking a few other places today and send that in. if I can't find it I guess maybe call UCO and ask if they can send a copy? I hope so.
I was thinking about this opportunity to teach in the U.A.E. and how at first I thought it'd be a great way to teach for 2 years and save money, and then I though about how I really don't want to pack up my house into storage again and leave my house and garden. and then I thought how it sucks coming back to the states and finding a teaching job again etc... then I thought how even if I took the job and didn't save tons of money to remodel my house with, I would be working AND TRAVELLING which I love to do and am not doing now. And then I thought about who am I single and working and traveling instead of settling down here, am I some lone observer of the world? also I was thinking how my job this year at the high school and college couldn't be going any better. anyway, lots to consider so don't get bored reading about it all just yet. chances are I'll be right here in good ole okc blogging away next year as usual...
on the other hand, it'd be pretty cool to pay off my mortgage with extra $ to do some remodel and then sit back and garden and teach at the college part time etc... ha I DUNNO! ha ha
now I've got to get the second half of the pizza from lunch yesterday out of the fridge. yum!!!


Anonymous said...

OR maybe get ur doctorate and earn more money teaching in a college...all settled down with a partner and everything. two salaries instead of one. that could pay for lots of travel. and two peeps paying on a mortgage will pay it down more quickly than one payment by one person. there's always that to consider my friend! lol.

Anonymous said...

google?? what's that??? oh yeah, i forgot...daninokc is an interactive blog. ha!

Anonymous said...

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You are a really good candidate for this type of work, the recruiter will like you because he knows you can handle the culture shock of living abroad, not a small consideration. So, aim high on your salary negotiations. Sometimes budgets get adjusted upward for the right candidate.