Friday, January 20, 2012

jan weekends

had a great week overall, if you can say that after 3 after school teacher meetings... which is pretty funny considering it was only a four day week. We had our usual teacher meeting after school Tuesday and they talked on and on about the state applying for a No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver and if our school was one chosen by the state as poor performing and taken into the hands of a C3 district. and from there I was lost blah blah ....Thursday we had a required teacher meeting to get our bloodborn pathogen required training, and the yesterday another non-required meeting ( but the principal was overheard saying how he'd see you really cared about the school or not etc...) so of course I went with a few more teachers and we sat again and listened on and on about how we might become a C3 school whatever that means, I was lost again completely... of course the meeting ended with him saying we probably wouldn't be chosen. but my land how can you ask for questions for 20 minutes and get no questions and still carry on the meeting... whoah.. that sort of thing kills me. I am sort of the type that when I'm sitting in a meeting and it's just lagging on without a clear sense of purpose and now we're finished, and the leader is not the type to jsut say, OK we're DONE! but instead just lingers on... oh how that kills me. I start to shift around in my seat, put on my jacket, stack up my papers and just physically signal to every extent. READY! End it!
on a different note, I just awoke from a dream of being in this little house which had every detail designed and carved and decorated inside sort of F.L. Wright/ Frankoma if that makes sense, sort of like the Gaudi houses in Barcelona yet with details carved instead of done in tile.. ha and it was like a house new discovered that had been left behind, and I was talking to someone about how it belonged to my grandfather's brother... ha ha. anyway, pretty funny to wake up from.
Today I'm going to be wandering around the home and garden show at the fairgrounds and cleaning up my place more and doing a bit of online class work.
I wanted to say huge thanks about the comments, I realize I wouldn't be able to magically get a job at my alma mater but still one can dream. otherwise, would I want to move anywhere else for the next small college interested. I live next to a small college in OKC that would be another excellent place to work. What makes me really lazy about the whole thing is the idea of going back to school when I'd be utterly happy teaching fulltime at the community college, but openings come up so rarely there. I will admit my job at the public school this year is rich and fulfilling but next year they are bound to shake up our program again, and of the 4 ESL teachers I'm the newest on the staff, and if they shrink it I'd probably be the 1st out. although our current team leader is looking pretty aggressively to move on next year as well. perhaps I should get aggressive in finding out what the deal is about the facilitator opening at admin I applied for, it's still open and we never heard nothing back. alas. good weekend to all. :)

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