Monday, January 30, 2012

It's in the details...

anyone caught the 2012 February issue of Details magazine yet? There is a SHWEET article about Randy Roberts Potts in there if interested. here's a link to the online article "The Amazing Story of the Televangelist and His Gay Grandson." There is also a link on the right to his blog (Voulez Vou).
It's pretty cool that he's working at a slow and steady pace, a peaceful non confrontational sort of way to get a dialogue between all parties. I love that he can use his experience as a connection and get that conversation started. His performance art of the Gay Agenda is coming to OKC soon, in two weeks actually. :)
here's an interview on CNN from last week;

ps. I really wish in the copy above the oxford comma was used after love....


Anonymous said...

ur dating urself w/ the comma comment...or has it come back in fashion? wonder what MLQ says.
really nice interview with randy. hope you'll let us know how the gay agenda is received in OKC.


Anonymous said...

Just curious..
Randy and you are the exact opposites - in terms of being "out."
Does his story scare you?