Thursday, January 19, 2012


spoke with grumpy fresa sourpuss today.. the kid I've been talking about.. he was pretty normal and listened and behaved all day, but I am thinking this only because he blatantly cursed the first part of science 4th hour and knew I was about to come down on him pretty heavy (write him up), the class was divided into 2 groups of 4 at two tables and he was alone working on some drawings so I went and talked to him about his language and using offensive language and being a jerk to the teachers, and eing a jerk in general, of course I was using spanglish the whole time, but he understood, I spoke to him about how he is a citizen and could have a really awesome future if he's graduate HS and maybe even go to college and how he's definitely smart enough (and he is) and opportunity etc etc blah blah blah... he's just ocd enough that i KNEW he was going to love finding GCF and listing prime factors and making factors and keeping everything in order on his paper. ha anyway, classes are coming along nicely. I'm pretty much just doing whatever activities I can to keep a variety going and following along with the math and science ESL books we're using (ACCESS if anyone's wondering). we're going to ease from factors into fractions (reducing, and all operations done with fractions) and then integers, which means positive and negative numbers.. then we'll jump back into algebra problems which include both! yeah fun, right? but it's great for the kids who just concentrate on the math and take a break from learning English, plus it gives those kids a sense of success doing the problems and getting it right. sad for the kids without the same background of education. a couple of kids literally follow a times table to get factors of all the numbers, even 6 or 10 or 15 etc... but you know what it works, and I figure they write down the same 2 factors for a number enough times and after a while they hopefully will remember SOMETHING> ha ha.
I'm bringing doughnuts tomorrow for my first hour class, the second year ESL kids which includes actually 3rd and 4th and 5th year ESL kids.... go figure. We were talking about it today, how does a kid move here in say 2nd grade, and come out of middle school into HS not knowing how to write a complete sentence or read a book etc?!?!?! that's where the system fails most, just passing along the esl kids. ugh!
I'm back from the gym and still easing back into it, I'm doing some of the same workouts with 35s instead of 45s and 25s instead of 30s.etc.. blah blah. gotta start back somehow. ha.
I'm checking out redbud trees online tonight, 'Ruby falls'. It's a purple leaved weeping variety. anyway, a friend has a purple Cercis in her back yard and I'm going to get a branch and see if I can graft it onto one of the redbud seedlings growing here and there in the backyard. what a fun challenge! it may die completely but I love trying things just to learn if I can do it or not. ha
sorry this is probably the least sexy post I've written. I'm watching Big Bang reruns on tv right now, my new guilty pleasure at 530 and 630 here in okc. I never watched the show in primetime so its fun to catch up on the series. You know how I love buddy themed anything. It must remind me of college when it was just me and the roomies always running around doing stuff together. ANyone see SNL last weekend? i watched it on HULU last night and Danieal Radcliffe is so great, total class act. His Yorkshire Terrier was played so straight and was funny. cheers, weekend is coming!

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