Saturday, January 21, 2012


this is a photo of my collection of Frankoma Fish. I gathered them up today for a count and laid 'em out on a table. A third of them are from 1960 Christmas Card from the Frankoma family, and another third say Community Bank of Enid, and the others are blank. :)


Anonymous said...

That post is exactly why your blog is such a delight! A little regional, a little artsy. The fish look great displayed in a group.

It's Sunday. That means church for you, for me as well. Have you ever shared your spiritual disciplines on your blog? You sometimes say what Bible verse you thought of throughout the day. I'd be interested in knowing your spiritual routine, as it were.

Good Sunday to you.

Another Dan

Jim said...

:) I love tchotchkes & knick-knacks! Thanks!