Sunday, January 29, 2012

bien occupado...

very busy weekend, Friday night ran over to buddy S and we went out for some pizza at Hideaway Pizza on Western. YUM, watched some tv and came back home to crash. Saturday morning I was up and back at my day job high school by 830. One of the other ESL teachers that I share a room with and I took 3 boys from our newcomer class to this Reader Fair thing at the fair grounds. It was pretty interesting . Pace/Butler is some sort of company that buys back old cell phones. THey were giving 2 free books to every one who came ( I think they expected up to 1500 but only around 400 people were there) Purpose Driven LIfe and another book called The Mentor and the CEO. Tom Pace wrote that one and was there as an MC. they were also giving away 100 dollars every so often with a drawing for our tickets, also the very last drawing was for $3000. So we all sat there and listened to volunteers read a page, then a drawing, then another person read a page, then a drawing, etc... it was pretty cool I think they gave away about 2000 in one hundred bills. so the odds were pretty good. none of us won though. ha Usually I spend my Saturday mornings at HOME!!!! but the teacher had asked if I'd go with her so she wasn't alone with the other 3 kids etc etc... so I said yeah sure why not.
I left that place by 11:30 and went by Hobby Lobby to buy some craft supplies ( gesso, I'm trying to stretch a canvas, more on that later), and then Home Depot to buy a bathroom sink faucet, and some pliers and some 3x1, and 2x1's and some hardboard to make a frame to put canvas on. I stopped by my favorite pizza place for lunch then came home to do my sink project. A SUCCESS, what a good feeling to have done that all by myself. The rest of the day I spent putting things away away away. Since I live alone, I end up with stacks of things everywhere, clean clothes mainly left on the couch or stacked on the side of my queen bed that I don't sleep on etc... ugh.. so cleaned and tidied up. woke up super early this morning and finished watching an OLD OLD black and white movie on DVD i started last night, A CHristmas Carol. then watched Little Women, Jo's Story, again a super old B/W film and graded tons of online assignments this morning, got up went to church. this evening I went over to S's and his bf was in town, they made dinner YUM and his bf gave me a haircut, I hadn't gone for one since before Christmas so it was TIME. his bf did a GREAT JOB! I'm all cleaned up ready for the week. cheers all.


Mike said...

Sounds like a good weekend!!!

You put together a sink faucet this weekend and I decided I'm going to do my own taxes tonight... lol. We'll see how that goes and if it is a success.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. :-)