Saturday, November 26, 2011

true blood hotties

something tells me I'm missing out with basic cable..
I got to say though that this is excellent casting with the blond girl and guy, they look really good together, also I love the idea of her with a hick accent talking to the vampire dude. ha
anyone follow the show? worth watching? I have a sort of rule not to watch anything with vampires/witches etc in it but maybe I'll bend that rule, otherwise youtube clips maybe showing the only good parts anyway.
ED. actually nevermind, I watched a True Blood in 5 minutes video on youtube and I think I'll pass. ha


saw this move last night with my married buddies from AR who were in town. It was EXCELLENT, although it wasn't what I was expecting from the previews. for some reason I went in thinking it was going to be some animated robot fantasy adventure. and it's more of a kid adventure with real people the whole movie. althogh the acting is great, and the story line romantic and sentimental, the film is highly stylized and would be any film history buff's dream. I just loved the setting, a train station in Paris. It kept reminding me of fall 2008 when I met H from Austin there and we had a great weekend and then a mad dash by taxi to the train station to get a train to the airport. he made his flight; I didn't make mine. ha
that's another city I MUST return to, I'll have to keep it up on that list with Barcelona most definitely! We saw the movie in 3D and it is a beautifully made film.
slept in this morning, some personal computer time, grading essays, fished around youtube watching bbc clips of this or that.we had a lot of good rain come through yesterday and last night which I'm thrilled for after the long drawn out hot hot too hot summer. get all the water in the earth and quench the trees' roots' thirst. I planted two new little tress last spring and somehow kept them alive all summer with a hose on the dribbling about every day. One is a Zelkova serrata 'goshiki' which is chines tree sort of like an elm and with beautiful dark green variegated leaves. The other tree was a Japanese maple, but not Acer palmatum, it is Acer triflorum. which has compound leaves with 3 leaflets. I thought it'd be fun to try one out back in the shade, but I tell ya, the hot dry summer wind about had its way with that little thing. BUt as a gardener, one must always have hope and patience. let the plant dig its roots in and wait the next year and the next, until all stars align and you get a bursting show of reddish orange color one fall. ha
Anyone else go out for movies this weekend? there wasn't a whole lot showing that I wanted to see really. I think the next big flic I want to see at the theatre will be the Tintin movie coming out in December, and then of course, Warhorse but not til after I see it Dec 8th on Broadway first! ha

thank you all servicemen...

Friday, November 25, 2011

gymspiration... showoff

black friday

anyone hit the stores today? I didn't but I did a little bit of online shopping. not for things but I did plenty of looking around if you know what I mean. ;)
hopefully everyone is enjoying a great long weekend. I'm hoping to see the movie Hugo this weekend. also I"m getting a LOT of stuff done around the house. and have had some long phone calls with the ex gf in AR and my buddy H in Austin. yay for lazy nothing I have to do Fridays!

from barcelona '08

mr rock and roll

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

great online article

saw a link to this on Gay Athlete's blog, all about this guy who wished he'd come out of the closet sooner that he did. Really had me thinking today, of course I'm past the experiencing stuff online stage, but I never had the meet and get to know someone and fall for them stage. I think I never considered it an option til it seemed way too late. anyway read it at this link: THe coming out story i never thought i'd write...
I had that on my mind as I went out today. I had lunch with my sisters first, they are getting so super excited for their trip to NYC. one sis bought a carry on and they were talking about bringing black or brown boots and what to wear to the two shows we'll see there. ha I have no female fashion sense so I was like well just pack light whatever you do and you can always buy something there. I have a friend from college who worked in NYC for a while, I think she was in Beauty and the Beast as chorus and dancer, well anyway, she lives in town now and I messaged her for places to take two moms to shop for cheaper prices on fun different things and clothes not found in OKC. SHe's getting back to me. We also looked at a map of the places we'll see like central park and the 9-11 memorial. I told them I wanted to see the New Museum in SOHO and can you believe my sister actually said she wanted to do the pool exhibit!!! ha ha ( have you heard about the Experience exhibit with the tank where 4 people walk in naked to experience a weightlessness feeling??? My former student Leo had experienced it naked with 3 other strangers and had spoken of the exhibit. I plan to skip that one and I just want to see the giant slide etc..)
anyway, so great lunch. went to mom and dad's the rest of the afternoon. Dad has been going through all these old boxes of family slides and photos. Mom was talking about how dad slept in the other morning and she was up doing her quiet time and wondered where he was, and then she thought what if he's dead ( apparently he never sleeps in?) and she started thinking what would I do, call (my sister) CD, me, another sibling.. etc... fifteen minutes later he did walk out etc... My dad said, well call 911 first of course.. and she said no no I'd have to call CD etc...
anyway then she was talking about how my other sister doesn't want either of them to die first but together. then mom said she started thinking about how she wouldn't know what to do with anything in my dad's shop or how to use quicken for bills etc... anyway all very strangely funny. I was sentimental looking at photos of my mom and dad as kids and then all our family of 5 kids from growing up and stuff. My dad has been going through a lot of old boxes and trying to organize stuff. well the reason I mention all this is I was feeling all sentimental, looking at cutey little pics of me in 2nd 3rd grade blond hair and all smiles. and comparing little kid pics of us all to my niece and nephews and who looks like who. mom's friends in high school and her baby pics etc. anyway was really on my mind and I thought of making a point to say something to my folks before I left. I told them I pray for them a lot and usually it's always for their health and travel safety, but also their marriage and they keep getting along.. anyway what I was wanting to tell them wasn't about coming out of the closet or anything, but I wanted to get across something I was feeling so that they can pray things for me to. Basically what I had mentioned before leaving the house, as x factor was coming on and dad turned the tv way up so mom could hear it was coming on since she and I were sitting in the sunroom. so she went in to sit with him and watch her show. I was saying my goodbyes, and I mentioned to them both that I always hoped I'd die before them because without my own kids no one would be around who loved me as much as they do. and they said well you'll always have your sisters etc... and dad made a faint attempt of commenting well there may still be a girl out there you'll meet already with kids... and I said well I always really wanted my own kids but I make an effort never to think about it so I don't get depressed. and they said something about God's plan , and I said yes I know I'm not allowed to be depressed about it 'cause I have faith and hope and that God does have a plan. then I said ok see you tomorrow morning, I'll be here with ice, and looking forward to seeing everyone, kids, etc... :) I also told them I might wear the same thing I have on now. (we don't dress up for Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is comfy comfy).
OK so yeah I know that's a really passive aggressive indirect way of signaling my parents about my situation at this point in life. but I also felt very direct in letting them know I am unhappy with some things in life and could definitely use some prayer and encouragement. It's funny how honest I am with my parents. for example I am a very very very nice guy and attempt to have some sort of self control in my opinions on things when talking to people, but with my mom I say things about how the sisters raise kids, which nephews and nieces I like and/or don't and why. ha ha I also am honest with my folks about my job options and why I aiming for this or that, I will tell them exactly where I am financially and why and what I'm doing. my tithing or lack there of. I don't know there are things that I know are only between God and me that I'd never share, but with my folks I'm full on. other than the elephant in the room of course, but I'm pretty sure everyone must be VERY AWARE, right? If I ever did "come out" to my folks, I'd come out as much as I have on this blog, as much to say, yeah I'm definitely attracted to guys but I am still dealing with what "gay" even means and then how to reconcile with my faith. AND IF YOU DON"T SHARE my faith, you will be fed up and tell me to MOVE ON, stop whining and ONLY I'M HOLDING MYSELF BACK!! yadda yadda, but I'm not the kind of person who doesn't go for what I want. I am still figuring out WHAT IT WANT. And I'm not complaining or whining. I'm just saying yes I get lonely with thoughts of despair at time. but overall so happy and optimisic and hopeful everyday, I love being around and interacting with people, I love being a part of things, teaching at my jobs, my family, my house, my hobbies, etc everything. I'm really thankful for so much. I'm just trying to get past that line. There is no one type of gay, probably as many different types of gay as there are different types of religion... even if I did have a kid, wouldn't I want my kid to have a sweet comforting soft holding mother like I did? I'm thankful I had a mom and dad raise me and love me. I'm thankful for my siblings, thankful that I am employed. There are no extremely corrupt police forces or druglords out on the streets where I live, I feel reasonably sure I'd have a chance in court if criminal harm was done to me, unlike MANY countries. I am thankful for what civil rights I DO HAVE compared to many countries. I am thankful and so far still believe in Democracy, and an electoral representative system that works, much unlike MANY countries, although one wonders if anyone here understands that concept what with all the protests going on. (Are civics still taught in the US? Do people realize they can write,call,recall, elect lawmakers who make policies and regulations of big business? I'm not sure what protesting people legally making money how they want to means anything??)
OK well I've rambled on long enough. cheers everyone and happy thanksgiving! don't forget to check out the link to the Salon article above. :)

share the bounty...

yes this is my very lame attempt at seasonal photos for the holidays...

teachers teachers please reach those girls in videos...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011


man I'm just thrilled to be watching part 2 of the woody allen documentary. after last night's part one etc... excellent.
yeah I'm a big fan, I'll admit, in college I remember trying to rent all the woody allen movies I could. but I remember stopping after deconstructing harry, which I haven't seen, and actually I haven't seen any of them he's made since then, but I need to. I know you'll think I'm a big dork, but I didn't like all the cursing and then all the themes of cheating in relationships in all the latest films. blah. I"m sure I'd appreciate all the usual woodyisms in the films though, I'll watch 'em eventually. I'm really interested in the latest one in Paris.
got this week started off well this morning and will end this week tomorrow. We are watching the Wizard of Oz with one our classes today and tomorrow. It's sort of a sharing American culture, some worksheets involved. and we're coming off a Teamwork theme in class etc. I hadn't seen the film in a long time, and I was sort of strongly empathizing with the part of the tornado coming and the girl running into the house. Since then I've experienced a tornado coming through my neighborhood here a few years ago and It made remember the feeling of the rush to take cover, anyway, it's strange what can happen between seeing a movie for many years and what you see or notice or feel differently. love that.
was able to speak with a voice in class tonight. really into my class this semester, and it's funny how comfortable we all are at the end of class and then it's suddenly over and I never see 'em again. alas. we have one more rough draft due and then last paper in a few weeks. the last paper is due right before I leave for NYC, so I'll be madcap grading in 2 days, and maybe take a few on the plane with me, but I HAVE To time it so they are all ready to give right back one I return! ha oh I just remembered I'll have that whole Monday off after coming back so that will buy me some time to get ready for class that night.
ok cheers to all, I hope everyone is making plans to get together with somebody if not family. I'm thankful for so many things this year, and this year it's all the little things, the things people take for granted, just my job, family, health, friends...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

hey big guy

keep spreading the word, Randy on MSNBC...

pet shop

this is me....or maybe not

this is not me...or maybe yeah... ha

shirt and hat

so this is what I found from online shopping this weekend. I really like the hat the most. Right now I'm completely holding off on any spending, especially after the doc visit. All funds are saved for the nyc trip in Dec! but if I were kicking some money around, I'd buy this shirt and hat absolutely. the blue and gray striped shirt is the same Burkman bros shirt I got in Austin, but mine is orange and blue. I like this gray and blue one a bit more neutral and then I'd love to wear the orange hat with it for some color and contrast. At 6'1 and w32 I've always been the tall lean type and for that I alway shop horizontal lines. the long sleeve gray t-shirt is about the only thing I liked on the site, everything there right now is a patchwork sort of style that I dunno seems a bit youthful/trendy to really want to buy any of it. Although I love the bold design of the brand overall. Anyone else shop online much? I think for me, I just like the idea of shopping for stuff that's not found on the shelf here in OKC. I am hoping to get back to NYC next spring with my Austin buddy if at all possible, but I decided I should really consider another big city like CHICAGO, and of course I got a long spring break coming up, and that's when I hope to get back to planning that train trip around Europe like I had considered for Fall break. I want to be an overseas traveler again!!! :P (time will tell, I'm teaching two classes next spring at the community college so I hope to save all the extra $$ for some TRAVEL. Although honestly some of it will go to the truck and house first.)