Saturday, November 12, 2011


well I got a chance to catch up with some gay guys I know in town tonight, my buddy S and his bf from AR and I were all invited to this gay couples , one of 'em, b-day party tonight. the surprise went down exactly perfect. we all arrived by 630pm and the guy came home at 7, we all kept coming out of the back room saying surprise and he just kept hugging and saying hello and was completely dumbfounded and happy. ahhhh.
caught up with my buds, and talked to some guys from out of town, and this one guy who I know from my gym was joking on and on about how I always change the channel to HGTV when I'm on the treadmill as if just telling the whole gym I'm gay.. ha ha. I never saw it like that. pretty funny, maybe...
so overall good times. I've had a sort throat all week, some sort of head cold or allergy. this gunk up in the back of my sinus and I'm just trying to sleep it off and wait for it to GO AWAY, at least I got the weekend to deal with it and I don't have to miserable and try teaching at school. I got a lot work done around the place today, had some nice hot greasy pizza for lunch and then the rest of the afternoon everything smelled like pizza. I guess its time to trim the beard. ha I washed my face and trimmed it up a bit. I will admit eating the pizza I felt almost a bit like a catfish when a few of the bites I felt before reaching my lips. ha ha gross. anyway, I'll proabably trim it up some and then keep growing it out until my clean shaven look for next trip to NYC in Dec. I like the beard this time of year because less shaving in the morning and sometimes I can skip two days instead of just one. also I like the whole grim look in front of all the students, I think it def helps me look a bit more stern, and such a nice guy as me needs all the help he can get. cheers all hope you're having a wonderful fall weekend.

what puppetry...

I ran across a photo about the performance of 69 degrees South in New Yorker magazine, a re-enactment of the Shackleton Expedition to Antarctica using puppets. I really like the concept and the mystery and imaginary created world etc of the whole concept. sure wish I could have seen this performed. anyway, here are some photos and a video about the project...

spread 'em

Andrew Mukamal

anyone else a fan? I've been keeping up with videos daily sometimes on youtube, sometimes on his Andrew Mukamal website, but the Vimeo videos stutter while playing so I usually go to youtube.
anyway, this guy was on a reality show about a P.R. company that honestly I never watched because I hate watching shows with a bunch of complaining griping rush rush negative crap etc... but anyway, I started watching his videos a while back... He's not for everybody, you may not understand a guy who likes to wear both men's and women's clothing. For Andrew, he says he'll wear whatever the heck he wants. It's really interesting to me that no matter what he's wearing it's as a MAN. He has the dedication of an artist in what he wears, it's as expression and style. Each day he shows his outfit and explains why he wears it and where he got it. Most of the stuff is high fashion, and the guy obviously earns enough to spend what he almost wants to on clothes. His brother films each episode and they are completely charming, respect respect, respect for his consistency and dedication to his video posts. I also really like his accent since I'm from OKC and all, plus his say it like it style. I love that he knows what he likes and gets so excited about it. for example GIVENCHY! and this week Versace for H&M. On the other hand he likes to dress down, likes to dress "goth" if they still call it that, and he'll talk about shopping bargains and when to spend less money on fillers for the wardrobe.
like I said, not for everyone, but anyone who likes to live vicariously in NYC through other people, or if you like keeping up on what the fashion world is doing and where it's going etc... check out his blog or more videosI always appreciate his enthusiasm and energy--- sort of like me if you got me started talking about plants in the yard. ha. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

back to workouts

you know what I really miss about working out? the endorphins! nothing better than after a good workout getting your arms, chest, legs, back, shoulders, or butt all pumped up and walking out of there exhausted but in a really good bloodpumping way. man I miss that. I'm not huge or anything, a good midsized frame lean and 6'1, average overall. but I've gone down from over 170 to near 160... yikes. I quite hitting weights some time after spring break. did cardio all summer, swims, biking, running at the gym every other day etc.. then fall break I quite any cardio at gym. blah blah...
well now I'm back at it. last night was up there running and then some light work outs to get me going again. saw the little bro of the half Mex/Irish guy that looks like the Rock only sort of that I mentioned before. well anyway, he had grown huge arms since I saw him last and I told him so. ha he said, yeah he's been hitting it hard lately. he asked about how my school job was going etc..
anyway, so tonight it's cold out, I'm tired from working all day job then night class (I picked up a THursday night class for the next month) and I was driving home thinking, man remember how great it felt getting up to the gym every day or every other and going to it. when running on the treadmill was a warm up to a WORK OUT!!
Dan is going to get disciplined again and get back to the ROUTINE!! yes sir! so watch out next spring, going to be a winter of workouts. oh man am I going to be sore the next couple weeks getting back to it.. ughhhhh. but also yay! :P
hope everyone is having a good week. day job is going well for me,and night classes also good. I sort of had some small talk in the office at the night job with the secretary who posted a video on a social network about Christianity and how they should burn the bibles and not worship them. I jsut mentioned it as interesting and how I disagreed, made some more small talk and left to my adjunct prof office. she emailed me later saying i'd made her uncomfortable and we should discuss it other than the office etc... she did end the note with a happy face, but still my heart sank and began beating and my face turned read and I felt really embarassed. thing is I hate to make ANYONE feel uncomfortable, last thing I'd want to do. so I emailed her and said very sorry and of course I'll be better and keep my mouth shut in the office etc.... I really do love seeing her when I go into the office before classes to check my box. She a really sweet dear dear person. boo! anyway, I think we'll move on from this, I jsut hate being an adult and still having those instances where you're thinking, OH MAN, what did I say and What am I doing?!? those times are so FEWER as you grow up and get some self control. I was sort of questioning my social skills filter on the drive home . ha
SO!!! TONIGHT it's all about self control and discipline. WATCH MY MOUTH! and GET BACK TO THE GYM!!! cheers everyone.

ED:: we've since messaged and all is good, she said don't take it so hard, just let's not get into deep discussions while she's there in the office but perhaps over coffee. we're both respectful and open to hearing each other's ideas discussion etc..

drop the boy

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

boxer briefs

American Apparel brand, I go through my 6 pairs regularly but I mix it up with something from my drawer full of J.Crew Boxers now and then with slacks. hanes briefs to gym unless i'm feeling lazy and just leave on the boxer briefs and throw my shorts over them, but they're not as supportive for running on a treadmill or biking there etc.. only 'cause you asked. ......

quote for the day....

“If you want to really hurt your parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.” — A Man Without a Country, 2005

Monday, November 07, 2011

que CALIENTE!!! hombre!!!! whoah....

or maybe... give me a break! ha ha

Sunday, November 06, 2011

lean back n relax...


I mean with a name like that who can resist. ha.. nah really thought I've been thinking about this store I went to in SOHO. Btw, MIKE, I think I'd recommend it to drop into and just checkout. could be hit or miss. but I like the style and how they keep up on trends (thus I'm posting the navajo prints here) and definitely more affordable although quality-wise it's cotton clothes and some acrylic or poly blends. I've been trying to figure out how to describe their look but not sure how I'd say it, I already call H&M - the European GAP, and then I call Uniqlo - like a Japanese GAP. TOPMAN might be a sort of UK version of American Eagle meets Jcrew/Anthony's meets Chess King perhaps? hard to say, they have a sort of nerdy European look to the styling as wel.... I think they'r geared toward the younger shopper but I like some of their basic looks..or not anyway check out their site here if inclined. TOPMAN

oh argentina!...

passion pit

another earthquake at 11pm last night in okc. definitely more people awake for that one and at 5.6 able to feel it. This weekend really shook it up! :)