Saturday, November 05, 2011

pose for me stud

UNIQLO is ALL over NYC right now...... and now my blog too.. I kept seeing this guy's face everywhere last weekend...

lazy saturday..

and a really great one. sunny all day cool and windy, fall is here and I"m glad.
I got a check n the mail yesterday for oil royalty from drilling under my neighborhood... I only get about one a year now whenever the amount approaches $100.. so I got online and bought a few things to get ready for Christmas. I like to start and have everything done before December gets here, when it comes for shopping for family. although this year I'll prolly hold off and shop some gifts in NYC Dec 8th weekend. been picking up and watching OU football all afternoon. buddy S is in AR with his BF again so no dinners or movies out this weekend, ha. BUT next weekend I'll be going to a friends b-day party in town, two gay guys that live together and S and his bf will be there and I'm excited to get out and do somehting social, rare here in the gay okc crowd. ha so I got that to look forward to next weekend. then only 2 days of school and then off for Thanksgiving. I am sort of thinking about going up to ARkansas that weekend.
so yes there was an earthquake last night. I think I normally would have slept through it, but last night I woke up just before the earthquake feeling way too hot. Since it was so cold the night before I had my down comforter on the bed, and I woke up too hot and pushed it off halfway, then as I lay there half asleep ready to nod back. suddenly my bed started shaking and I could here the house rattling for about 30 seconds.. whoah! some fun. its epicenter was in Prague OKlhaoma, and I even had some bud in NW Arkansas that were on facebook saying they had felt it etc...
woke up and got online this morning while in bed with my laptop and the plug into the computer started getting really hot and softening the rubber. I dropped my laptop long ago and it fell on the where the jack goes into the computer and bent it a little. I've had to bend it and mess with it now and then to make it work, and I think while in NYC I twisted it around somehow and got the wires crossed. thus the resistance created and overheating... I can proudly say I was able to rig it back into proper shape, cutting off the rubber and twisting back to the original direction and then securing a tie back around it to keep the metal connected etc.. working well now. I know I know it's time for a new laptop. ha ANother computer thing I am doing today is transfering a bunch of my itunes files to an extrenal drive. I'm trying to delete as much useless memory as possible to free it up. I get a weekly podcast of this radio show from Holland and suddenly it's been 3 years in my computer of the podcasts, also I plan to get some photos off my computer as well from 2008, 2009, 2010 etc...
time change tonight so I'll be going to bed an hour earlier and getting up earlier so as to keep my body clock arranged... all this in prep to maybe start up morning swims again this next week... we'll see if that works or not. ha


any yays or nays on the above jacket? I've been really digging the style of Comune brand this fall. THere's a better a pic below of the red and white plaid shirt I got in NYC last weekend at Urban OUtfitter's. I like the last shirt also with the unmatching pocket on it. dark tones can shop this at but revolve clothing has some of the same stuff all free shipping. :)

shirtless saturday

EARTHQUAKE in OKC tonight... whoah!

only 4.7 but it shook my bed and had my house rattling... was a mix between very cool and what the heck's going on. only other earthquake I felt were Honduras and Kabul which both were on a second level of housing. This one was very rare for OK. my buds on facebook felt it in AR. ha

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Howdy Pardner!!

nuther nite class

started up another night class tonight, so I'll be doing two nights a week for the next month. which I'm completely cool with since it helps bring a bit more $$ and also a good experience, picking up the class for the dept and all etc..
I like the class, good mix of ages etc all that. the students all seemed pretty engaged except one girl in the back who didn't say much. ha but I got them all talking about topics for the rough draft next week. and made 'em all watch a video on youtube about power of time perceptions etc.. good stuff.
prepped 'em for the quiz and that was it. :) one thing for sure the next few months are bound to go by a lot faster, plus I get the reward at the end of a nice 3 week break from my day job... and another NYC trip coming. my sisters are getting excited. I let them both know I've reserved 9/11 memorial passes and that we plan to go to top of the rock etc.. so things are falling into place. they are deciding whether to check a bag or not, although I've encouraged them not to, most likely we will. which I'm sort of ok with so I can shop a whole lot more. ha
very very cold here in okc last night and tonight perhaps below freezing. I've brought all my plants in, tropicals etc.. so this weekend I'll be moving some stuff around so that all plants are shoved together near a window.
my newcomer kids were all right today, no major drama yet fingers crossed. the brother and sister are still in school, the pregnant sis is checking her blood sugar levels everyday after lunch and the brouther is being a bit more patient. the Honduran kid says his dad is sending him back, but we don't really believe him much yet...he's behaving anyway so far so good. I sent all 10 newcomer kids a postcard from NYC so they had discussed that how fun it was to get in the mail.
awkward moment today was our team of 4 teachers were filing papers and sorting papers into teacher folders, and the hot headed cuban guy asked about some of the copies were unreadable and we all said, yeah we know just keep sorting them, and our director said something along the lines of, well then you can redo it...., and man he just blew up and stormed out throwing his cup on the floor. whoah where did that come from. that guy had a temper. gee whiz... we all just continued on doing the work. alas. bring on FRIDAY! :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Postman - She Knows

Postman - She Knows (Snippet) by Punablog
couldn't find this on youtube but it's here on itunes. sorry no USA release yet though... :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

guys love cameras....

nyc shopping haul

1. from Uniqlo I bought this amazingly comfortable hoodie and I really like the black/grey/blue design on this one.2. next a Comune plaid shirt from urban outfitters. LOVE IT, ALMOST bought an Obey coat there but resisted... 3.from the Atrium in SOHO, this Scotch and Soda plaid shirt with elbow pads, very professory and it goes well with the Cashmere v-neck sweater I ought at Uniqlo. they had a big promo sale last weekend with these $90 sweaters for $59 so I got one, didn't photograph that 'cause it's basically a navy v-neck sweater like any other. ha. 4. I was very happy to find a Desigual store in NYC! they are from Barcelona and I remembered the store while there, really like their style, although the colors on most of their stuff are too bright for this OKC boy... I still love the style and colors.check it out sometime. I love that this shirt fit me completely about I am in NYC, live in London (I wish), and dream about Barcelona (my one must see again place I always dream about returning to. ha)5. my favorite Monocle magazine... went by the store, I had to buy this t-shirt of course. 6. I bought 6 books in Spanish for my ESL kids to read so they continue to imagine and dream and read in Spanish while learning ENglish. :)

no one says "outre"

i want

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello Newark!

well this is a first as flight delays due to snow and weather go. Don't know what I would have done if I hadn't a place to go back to stay and sleep last night. I'm at Newark airport now waiting for my flight which was delayed again from 3:05pm to 4:20pm... boooooo... thing is I have a connceting flight to OKC from houston that leaves at 7:00 and I'm going to miss that, I really hope I don't get stuck in Houston above all other things. Surely there will be some later flight back to OKC from Houston hopefully hopefully... today was a rerun of yesterday.. Although I knew the weather was HORRIBLE and all I checked the status of my flight which said on schedule and then left for the L line into Manhattan and got my airport bus at Grand Central. Upon arriving of course and finding all flight cancelled last night. well I got in line and rebooked for today... so that's my story, hope you're enjoying your wonderful weekend. I'm thinking next fall break I'll get out of town the FIRST week and then relax at home the second week off, reverse of this fall break.
I'm wearing the same outfit of yesterday, good thing I love it so much, I'll post a pic when possible. I shoed up a few hours before my 3:05 flight but I bet the smart thing would have been to get right back up to the airport as early as possible and standby for a flight out to Houston. phooey... well after trekking back and forth in the snow/rain/slush with my carryon and shoulder bag all day. not to mention standing around for an M train at Lafayyette when there was no M train last night and getting back on the 6 to the L... blah blah. I did really like seeing all the halloween costumes on the metro's all night though. that was fun. ok more posts later once I'm back in good ole OKC. busy week ahead. enjoy the early wintery fall weather. leaves are bound to change up now that we had this cold break.

happy snow halloween....