Saturday, October 15, 2011

flex for me...

the bicep is a pretty muscle but for a really nice arm, always always work tri's as well. dips, headbangers, cable pulls, etc... you build a nice big solid tri and the bicep looks all the better... :)

whatever glee!

blue suede shoes...

man I love fall.... came across these things online this morning, although I'm not at all shopping for buying anything.. just looking around. saving all my cash for the NYC trip in a few weeks. today began my two weeks fall break. yee haw! I going to have to do some serious research about what to see and where to shop come Oct 25-29... :P

Friday, October 14, 2011

my bromance...

doesn't need a thing but you...

Sunday, October 09, 2011

picture lasts longer II

homecoming wknd

well I'm back from ARkansas and had a really awesometackular time up thar!
arrived Friday just in time to drop off somehting at my best bud J's house and give him a hug and say hey to his wife and 3 kids. then over to C and S's house, the married couple I always stay with in town. quick change of clothes and then off to see a play on our former college campus "Importance of Being Earnest" it was definitely a college production. ha. but I got to run into some other alumni there and also saw a missionary buddy who from BFA in Germany and was surprised to see him in person there for the weekend. My friends and I all went to a new coffee shop downtown and hung out afterwards. I think I might have mentioned already I was looking all around at the college kids hanging out there. Wondering who might be some guy like me in college -- trying to figure out jsut where they were and what they wanted etc...caught eyes with this one guy twice, ha and I couldnt' figure out if he noticed me or I noticed him. ha anyway, we were both aware of the other anyway.
Saturday morning got up and spent some time with C and S's two kids watching tv and hanging til their parents woke up. breakfast and then off to my buddy J's house, got to drag him out of the house to the Alumni rugby game. we watched for about an hour or so and then took him back home. I stopped by another friend's house in town and then picked up my ex gf. we went to this outdoor flemarket in town, then back over to see J's place, cause she hasn't seen it yet or the baby etc.. next back to campus for the Homecoming soccer game. This is where they set up tents for the different decades to connect w each other. talked to everyone I saw and knew always goes by way too fast. suddenly it was 430 and the ex was ready to go home ( she had cooking to do for our party last night) I took her back then went back to where I was staying to post some photos from the soccer game of my buds etc then relaxed a bit got ready and then the ex and I went to a former English profs house for an ENglish party get together. a sort of reunion but just a handful of us from Kansas City, Texarkana, me, and the rest live in town. also another former professor who came up from little rock. We caught up, remembered old time, former classmates and profs, and then discussed things like language and what we were currently reading and we all tried to agree to start reading a book this next semester and discuss on facebook, but the ex gf wouldnt' agree, so we all gave her a hard time and called it a literary intervention. my former prof hosting the event brews his own beer so we tried some. He and his wife are Episcopaleans and very very wonderful. woke up this morning and after spending some time with C and S and their 2 boys, hit the road and am back in OKC.. stopped in TUlsa for a few things and lunch at whole foods, the OKC store opens OCT 12th, this week. :) lots of refreshing needed rain on the road back today. ahhhhhh