Saturday, October 08, 2011

hey college boy

i had such a great busy homecoming weekend. weather was perfect, and buds who showed up in town were awesome to see. more later. hope all enjoy the weekend. comment on the pics. later

wait for it......

Friday, October 07, 2011

homecoming wknd

I'm in a small college town in AR for homecoming weekend. yup, don't know how exactly I'm going to keep up with big OU/TX weekend tomorrow but ah well. drove up here tonight and got in town just in time to stop by my bf J house and give him a hug and say hey to him and his wife, then off to my other married buddies' house to change and then go to the college campus for a play we had tickets to. saw a guy from college who lives in Germany now, a missionary at BFA. so that was a cool surprise, also saw a few other married couples I haven't seen at homecoming in a while. We went to a coffee shop in town that is a new hangout and open late, and man lots of cute college kids. dang some hotties, I couldnt' figure out if this one guy was looking at me or if we ust noticed each other. but it was funny casue as I was keeping check on him in the place our eyes met a few times. ha oops. I wore my Mexx jeans I bought in Dubai 3 years ago, the Burkman Bros shirt I got in AUstin a few weeks ago, and my Medium brand brown suede chukkas. Only reason I blog about it is that I had to make some packing decisions what to wear and what outfits, so first outfit is over and done with, bring on Fleet Fox concert Tshirt from ACL and the Kozyndan Puma shoes for tomorrow's alumni rugby game and then the homecoming soccer game later tomorrow afternoon! ha enjoy your weekend all!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

what up..

man busy week. I was hoping to see the Devon Tower architect speak tonight but it was sold out and I didn't get a ticket in time. dang it! AHH well wasn't meant to be.
so things are going well at work. teaching and all that. class was great Monday night. about a third of the class wasn't there for various reasons. they have a rough draft due next Monday, and we had discussed MLK's Letter from Birmingham, then read Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address and by then I was pretty much faking interest in anyone's comments. blah blah... ha ha. MOndays are long days.
I'm making through the week. only a week and a half left to FALL BREAK!!! woot
this weekend will be big college homecoming in AR. watching a college show on campus Friday night and then Saturday night an ENglish major party with just our friends from when we were in school and a few of our professors. should be some FUN. I know that must sound truly nerdsville. the ex gf and I will be going to watch our friends in the alumni rugby game and next lunch with some friends before the big homecoming soccer game where all the alumni sit around and talk and don't bother to even watch the game. ha
I have been at the gym this week, working in the yard, and then relaxing back at night trying to keep the place picked up. after this weekend I can start my 2 week fall break the next weekend. possible going to go see my sister that week not sure, and then of course the next weekend I'll be getting myself ready to go to NYC 25-29. ahh yeah!
I've been listening to a lot of pink floyd this week, and also watching some bbc shows on youtube. also I've been listening over and over to my new download on itunes of BLind Pilot. let's get the weekend here already. :)
my exgf is working on her master's right now, and lately shared this in an email:

Hey, some time I want to talk to you about this theory my professor keeps bringing up in class. Some guy (I can’t remember his name) suggests that sexuality began in the 19th century. When he first said this, it sounded like he was saying the guy was suggesting nobody had sex before the 19th century. But yesterday he explained further. He said that the guy’s theory supposes that before the 19th century, people’s sexuality was not linked to their identity. That mainly Freud and others developed the idea that the two were linked. I think there is something to be said for both trains of thought. I don’t think sexuality or gender can be discounted in identity but I also don’t think it defines identity. I think you have said this too. Anyway, it was real interesting and I’ve been thinking about it since. I wonder if we can move toward a society that doesn’t link the two so much anymore. Yet there are a LOT of people who do define their own identity through their sexuality, but maybe if they were given another option they wouldn’t. I see a lot of sexually-defined people as lemmings. They just want to belong and be accepted so they have created an uber-culture for themselves. Maybe I have no place to talk about this because I am not as conflicted over my sexuality as some are over theirs.

and also this:

I was reading my college journals and it was very interesting reading about our relationship. Very. I have no idea what was going through your mind back then. There were times of great happiness and times of despair. Apparently one fall I wrote you a letter and told you I didn’t want you in my life anymore. By Christmas we were trying to work things out. How different things would have been for us had I known of your internal conflicts. Maybe….i don’t know. Since I have always been attracted to you, maybe not. The heart wants what it wants. Now that I am older, have some years under my belt, I see that our friendship is a miracle, given the vastly different pages we were on from each other. You have made great strides over the years to be more honest with me. There has been a lot of denial on my part. I think I have owed you some honesty that I haven’t given. It feels good to tell you all this just to let you know how I feel, which is just as important as how you feel.

anyway, so although we're not getting back together or anything, it's nice to know a friend wants to understand me and help me understand myself. what makes it so great to always spend time with her when I go back to my college town. (don't get all offended about what she said above, only her thoughts no exact beliefs or anything...) also btw, I told her a few years after college on a road trip with only she and her husband and I in the car (she's divorced now an living again in AR), only reason I mentioned it was I thought she'd figured it out and yet she had completely no idea. anyway I felt on that trip I had to bring it up since I was friends with her husband in college and all that and the awkwardness of us all on the road trip etc....blah

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