Saturday, September 24, 2011

ACL shirtless ....

sabado gigante...

I forget if I posted about this sweater. really want it but I'm holding off. Norse Project, wool cable knit. also I'm posting a pair of Nike SHoes I think look awesome...
I had a great start up to the weekend last nght. met my buddy S for dinner over at the brewery at 50 penn and then we went walking around the mall and shopped a bit. I got a long sleeve thermal t which is a sort of purplywine/grey color?? J crew had some muy cool suede chukka shoes the grayish brown color I like, but I'm not shopping shoes these days, other than the gray topsiders I want from online but waiting on those.
I walked over to a hugo boss shirt at dillards and tried it on, loved it, and put it right back because dad gum my taste for things are always the wrong priced ones!! ugh.
I must resist a shirt at $145, I'm trying to remember my post afghanistan days when I came back promising I'd not just go shop for whatever since I already had too much crap and clothes in storage and came back from a place where my students had NOTHING and made about $200 a month salary risking their lives workng for the air force. But I really did like that dress shirt a sort of long sleeve white shirt with these sort of flecks of color all over orange blue and darker blue I think... .sort of a very cool updated vintage looking shirt. very lightweight and extremely comfortable and well fitting. anyway...
we were checking out the other guys walking around of course, I even ran into a former college student, he started walking over from his group of buds saying, hey Mr D! ..... ha I was like, sorry tell me your name. hopefully the kids realize I don't remember every single name of a kid i had only one semester. ugh. anyway I asked about if he was still in school , future plans, and then tried to end the conversation and move on. I'm terrible at ending the conversation so I'm really trying and practicing to do better each time I run into someone, I'm so event oriented and will talk to anyone who'll listen, I have to learn to listen, speak, ask, and then end the conversation!! ha ha. I think I'm doing all right. Some kids will see you and want to say hi but then are not sure how to make a conversation so I take over so it's not awkward. ..hopefully not awkward. I also ran into a guy I graduated with and went over to say hi to him and his wife. I'm terrible at introductions so S just had to wait. sorry S.
well it's fall so that means I'm not just picking up shoes off the floor and taking 'em back to the closet but I'm also picking up jackets and hanging them back up. I have all the shades open and have not turned on one single light inside the house. wonderful cool weather morning. already had some online fun this morning before breakfast waking up feeling healthy and ready to go... My plans today include getting outside most of the day while laundry is going on inside, and then pizza lunch in town, and perhaps a German film at the museum tonight. hope all are having a good weekend.

hello mellow fall .......

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

welcome fall...

today was SO GREAT... nice and cool and sunny. I rode my bike up to the gym and back. really nice, I didn't bring a gym bag or anything, so when I went in I left my sunglasses at the front desk next to their monitor. the place is pretty small and community/family oriented so no big deal. anyway, I was laughing on the way out 'cause I grabbed my sunglasses and I heard the girls at the desk talking to each other about "why is it guys never care about losing stuff...." ha.
this week has been not bad at all, sent a kid to ISS ( in school suspension) today and tomorrow for "defiance of authority" and "disrepect" blah blah basically just means he wouldn't do anything in class and just say there .. .the newcomer I mentioned from honduras who was smuggled in and left for dead in the desert of AZ and now lives with his dad. well we've been really patient and trying to work with the kid but he's been downright awful this week anyway made for some good classes today and tomorrow with him gone. the kids are so great. man 9th grade boys are so squirrely. thing is I can already notice some of them gaining weight and growing from all the american food they're getting. ha well it could just be their age but still....
I'm getting excited for NYC. I finally bought a plane ticket for OCT 25-29. I think that's a Tue to Sat.. I flew back SAT night because it's cheaper than SUn. I'm researching the net tonight to see what things maybe are going on that week in NYC. THis trip I'll be on my own and visiting with some former students living in NYC and also shopping and seeing sites etc etc. blah blah. Monocle store in west village...any suggestions, I'm taking 'em. basically this trip will be to do all the things I want to run around and do. since my DEcember trip will be about showing around my sisters.
since I was gone all last weekend in AUSTIN, I am looking forward to chill chill chilling all weekend.. also catch up on stuff at home and my night class. Good news btw, I'm crazy, I know, but I agreed to take over another night class on Thursdays in November and first couple weeks of December.... which actually now that I think about it, I'm not going to be there the last class 'cause I'm flying to NYC that morning. ha. anyway, I'm excited for the extra cash.... also I am going to be working for an after school program starting up in OCT I think.. twice a week. that will be be easy money $40 an hour, so for an hour and a half after school twice a week makes 3 hours a week and some extra CASHAROONI. ha ha.. I know people reading this blog will say what other people have said to me, 3 jobs? that's so American! ha
ahh well. I'm up for it. My bud in Austin got hired on fulltime w/ benefits at his job he's been working at through a temp agency, so that's awesome. tomorrow is jeans day at work, so good. my house is a complete wreck . ha! but it's cool. I got excited about some extra income coming in so today I went online and subscribed again to Dwell magazine which I let run out this summer. and then I was due to resubscribe to Monocle magazine. which this will be my third free totebag with a renewal. ha.. it really doesn't take much to get me excited bout things. the small things always get me like that. ok I'm back to suring the internet for a redbud tree 'Ruby Falls' that I've been wanting for a while. also Salix integra "flamingo' from forestfarm. these are on my current shopping list. I'm still resisting getting the gray suede shoes.. but perhaps with one of the next few paychecks. I still have to save up for fall break in NYC after all. taking all suggestions. hope all have been having a good week.

no reason, just liked it

Monday, September 19, 2011

moe shoes!

no new shoes for this cowboy for a while, but if I were buying another pair of shoes, I'd be aiming for these right here. a nice suede Sperry shoe... oh man, lovin this gray pair, or maybe a brown suede pair? hmmmm me likey
anyway, man i am SO BEAT tonight , just got back from class and was teaching it like a zombie. after standing around in the sun and dancing to some music and hearing about 6 or more different live outdoor concerts last night, and then up late, up early, drive back today.. etc... man I'm gonna sleep so well in my own bed tonight.
The festival yesterday in AUstin was a blast. we walked down there from where my bud H lives and watched a few shows, ate some food, drank some water, met up with 2 other gay guys he knows in AUstin.... we got split up when I left one show to go get a spot for Fleet Foxes, the band I most wanted to see live... oh they were so good!! I moved around and sang to every song... alas, cell phone signals were awful with so many in the crowd, and then as I kept messaging the 3 other guys in my group ( H, his current ex bf J, and then another ex in from Dallas HB) well all their cell phones were DEAD so we never found each other after that, it got so so so crowded and packed after the fleet show 'cause everyone was cramming in for ARcade Fire up an hour later! ha .. so I laid around a bit waiting and then listend to arcade fire. and later I left around 9pm, and just walked back up to Lamar with this huge crowd of happy people. what a great day! everyone so nice! I stopped for some Yum Yum yogurt ( Highly recommend it on Riverside and Kinney st. I got the Caramel flavor with chocolate sprinkles and grahm cracker crumbs!!). got a call from H. he was already home, I brought him some mango yogurt (gross) and then we waited for J to show up and then HB. J brought a Media movie over and put it on, while H and J slept in the hide a bed and HB and I in the bed in the one room studio condo, little slumber party. was up way too late watching that stupid movie! finally fell asleep only to wake up early this morning and out of town at 8 AM! that's right drove back to okc by 2pm. whoa! graded some papers and unloaded my pickup and then off to teach a class. I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight back to normal tomorrow morning! man I can't wait to go to another ACL music festival. but ONLY if I get the 3 day wristband next time. thing is you can't come and go with the one day ticket, only wristbands! ha I'm also bringing a tall pole with some interesting flag next year so we can always find each other. :)
If I can just make it two more weeks. I got college homecoming up next, and then two more weeks FALL BREAK BABY! hope everyone had a nice weekend -- I am now AUS to OKC to BED!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

ACL was AWESOME.... totally worth the drive! :)

I am none of these people. I was with some of them. :) the first stage pic s of Grafftti6 and the last is of Fleet FOx... so so good live!

shirtless wonders