Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm so ready for fall...... pant pant...

I love army green, don't you? and dang I want that bag! :)

tennis anyone? football?

anyone else watching football or tennis this weekend?... tall and hot


found myself shopping on ebay this week... mainly because of this article about Ebay never being great again, and then that article lead me to research investments in near field communications. Anyway, I was staring at this watch I wear all the time (shown below left) and thought, huh wonder if they have another one on ebay.. well all the ebay prices were the same as just going to TokyoBay website. ha. and yes I would pay for a used watch, just watch me. har har.. I'm posting some pics of the ones I sort of like, the green and blue because I wear a lot of Khaki or olive green and my blue eyes. the last two probably are more summer time watches although I like the pop of the orange one. I don't wear too much color, usually conservative basic colors, so I like a little pop from a watch now and then. Hope everyone's having a good TIME this weekend....

unknown mortal orchestra time....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

professional Russian...

for techies.... question :)

anyone have experience with Google Analytics or can you suggest a tracker that is a lot like mybloglog?? I used to use that until it went out of service this summer. what I like about that tracker is it showed what people were clicking on by day. For example I got to see which photos got the most clicks etc.... or if readers clicked on a link or not...etc.. Anyway, do you know where I can find that ding dang dong information on Google Analytics, I've clicked everything on the left side bar possible I think... OR perhaps I should insert code for some other tracking device. ok thanks for any suggestions.
this week is going well, great great classes and kids. more or less. the ESL program is changing up a bit, I'll be losing my classroom, however I'll have the 2 newcomers classes twice a day now teaching them math and science. and then I'll have just 1 class of 2nd year students. blah blah blah.
just switched out my rear left signal light on my truck, picked up an order of rabbit manure at the feed store, and am off to the bank to deposit a check before the gym. stupid dad gum ding dang 3 digit weather again today tomorrow. BUT!!!!!!! this weekend supposed to be down to the 90's. please please let's say yes.
Anyone else finding all the coverage of the Libya fighting interesting, it really is sort of interesting to hear of a near end.. although optimistic me is of course hoping hoping an actual stable govt can take over and that it will be fair and WORK... isnt' it awful the way man still mutilates man in this modern day and age. It's sad when you think how you always thought the future meant everyone gets closer to civility and peace, well I did, and now all you hear is the awful torture and brutality used in countries. so sad. of course we have a war right at our back door considering Mexico. don't even get me started. weekends coming, bring it on!
all comments welcome. thanks Steve for your comments and for checking out the blog. cheers

nice hair...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

not one, two!

great start to Monday, swam laps this morning, went to work, no changes yet and the kids were listening and practicing forming questions with question words etc... last two hours were fine especially since the 16 year old girl with the 2 yr old baby was in in school suspension for a few more days.. students kept in check mas o menos. then after school I drove to the community college a little early before office hours to get my newly adjusted syllabus printed out .... I was all ready to breeze through my usual first night of calling role, explaining the course and my expectaions, going over chapter one and two, giving a writing assignment etc... breeze breeze... wait a minute, I'm asking what room number I have this semester, you mean for my Comp II class she asks? no my Comp I class.... well the computer here says Comp II..... stress level just shot RIGHT UP INTO OBLIVION....WHAT!!!!! ok, go up stairs, coordinator not in, go to dept head and ask for a general syllabus etc explain the sit. and she's fine and says must have been a mix up... I checked my emails later and find out sure enough back in MAY when we were confirming my classes for this fall, it said comp II.... oh my, the dept coordinator hadn't realized he switched my class either, I had asked for same class same night etc.... so that's what I get for not paying attention to details.. alas!!!
so I got the different book, spoke to some veteran profs of Comp II.. and made my way to class with my students none the wiser... whoah.. thought you'd get a kick out of that. this stuff never happens to me, SUCKS!!! but overall, it's still a class of writing 4 major papers, this time it will just be more about arguing points in each one and also a lot of analyzing all those different points in class reading tons more prose etc.... I'm sort of fine with the change and can definitely handle it. I'm a pretty good moderator of discussion and I love the idea of academic argument and seeing all different perspectives. I chuck this one up to resume builder I guess. :)
and the students, well 3 I've had before which is fun, and there are two latin HOTTY TOTTIES, one with a birthmark under his eye and the other one well dressed and married. there is another tall big guy with Wranglers on just right, he's about 5 years younger than me I'd guess. I forget to look for rings on hands, I'll have to remember to check who all is married in my class if I remember to think about it. WHen I get into class I'm all into teach mode... ha
btw confirmed purchase of tickets for How To Succeed.. I decided I'd see anything goes possibly in OCT< and with my sisters in Dec they'd recognize the name of daniel radcliffe and enjoy it etc etc all the dancing is supposed to be tons of energy on stage. I have to say I sure wish i could see darrin criss do the show in January but no time for that or money really. I can just imagine it will be probably SOLD OUT quick all the guys who want to see that stud up close on stage in person. hmmmm
ok marathon day over, I'm crashing--- and up for a swim 8 hours from now...rinse, repeat, rinse , repeat whoosh----

Sunday, August 21, 2011

drop that towell....

brotherhood of man...

I really like that dancer on the far right in the grey suit.. cute cute!


why I won't...

wanted to thank everybody for the recommendations for NYC, and keep 'em coming. :)
I probably won't ever pay to see the mormon musical though... I don't like the idea of supporting the creators in any way. I have this thing where I never ever watch south park due to the cartoon Jesus on that show. That may not bother a lot of Christians but it is disrespectful enough to me to not be interested in the entire show. You could say, well the point is to show how ridiculous religion is. and that's true, a lot of churches are just that --religious only with or without true faith... but there is also a time and place to respect the faith of others. And i figure if I expect anyone to respect my beliefs and faith, then I have to show the same honor and respect for their own. If I stumble across the mormon show on tv at some point in life, yeah I'll watch it and appreciate the talent and humor etc. but otherwise,drawing the line.
I forget if I blogged last summer about the southern baptist group that came to the water park and they had a separate boys night and then a girls night, and how some workers made fun of them and it pissed me off. well after living overseas and experiencing how hospitable and kind all my muslim students were to me, I just want to keep the ball rolling. I think it really is possible to co exist with other beliefs, just don't let politics get in the way.. ha
was a good weekend. worked at the water park last night, today got my syllabus all written up with dates changed etc for tomorrow night's class. I'll be teaching a Monday night class again this semester at the community college. This time I'm only teaching one on campus class and not an online class. WAY too much to grade last time on weekends. I'll be getting only half of what my monthly extra was... ahh well. I can make it without both classes and with time to enjoy the weekends. :)
I got a call from a former high school friend today. I've always liked her a lot, she was 2 years older than me in high school and would give me a ride home from school. we hit it off great in highschool..., me all talk and she was always quiet reserved type. now she's single like me and a veterinarian in OKC. we have plans to meet for dinner this next week. ahh yeah...
I'm not sure how excited I am for Austin City Limits, my buddy down there changed his facebook status to single this morning. he said it wasn't sudden and they were both fine etc.. I hope so, I also really hope we can all still hang out while I'm down there that weekend. not sure what we'll do with the third ticket. hmmm.:)
hope y'all had a great weekend. leave a comment. cheers.