Saturday, July 23, 2011

where's da beach ??

too damn hot, summer that is...

OKC still hot and sunny, same hot views at the water park today, it was PACKED OUT, which means more big buddies, toned daddies, and twinks all around.
I had a birthday last week and mid July always marks the calendar for a next chapter in life coming up...what with me on the school year calendar anyway. It's pretty much my "fiscal year" of pondering my personal life. I'm just trying to fester up my usual overflowing abundance of optimism for this next school year at this point, it comes so easy with any thing else. ha
I had a lot of well wishes on facebook for my birthday which sure helps make a birthday a lot more amusing than just sitting at home single waiting for a parent to call. ever since I was a kid, I get a birthday card from my Godparents in Texas (where i was born and lived til first grade) they sent a 5 dollar bill for many years, but just these last few a twenty, ahhh so sweet to remember. They were good friends of my parents at the time I was born I guess, and my mom always reminds me how I was her first baby after becoming a Christian and how special that was to her and remains so. I got three bible verses in my birthday card from mom and dad this year. They put a lot of heart and thought into them because I think they sense my restlessness with wanting much more and doing much more with my life etc etc..
I went over to my folks' place for dinner and cake , yum! and my gift this year was a bromelaid plant and nice planter to put it in. rugbysex blog reader sent me many nice birthday wishes and birthday videos... Thanks bud! thanks as well for the bday email from Nate btw. :)
this weekend I've been just chilling and keeping my house clean. My sisters took me out for lunch yesterday and then we walked around the mall some. I caught eyes with a guy 2 times while walking around with them. I couldn't figure out if they were checking my out because I looked like I was with one of my sisters or what the deal. but both very hot straight type guys , always fun the mystery...hmm My sisters don't seem to know about me, I'd like to think they've figured it out by now but it's unspoken and since my big break up with the last gf who I thought was the one, they don't really ask anymore ( I think I mentioned before, but if not - we had this agreement that if they didn't mention her name, I wouldn't correct their English. It worked out perfectly right up until she got married in which case they couldn't ask if I'd seen her or spoken to her by then anyway,and I guess I was grown up enough by then to be polite and just accept their familiar English.... ha). They are really excited about the Dec NYC trip. One requested we try to go see Letterman show. and both agreed just to let me take lead with my plans and they'll just like anything. the other sister wants to see the tree and iceskate in ROckefeller center. :)
I bought tickets today, and got a great deal! (I think). I found 3 roundtrip tickets for just $904 on expedia from OKC to NYC. shweet!! we should be arriving by 1pm on a THursday and then I got us a 2pm flight back the following SUnday ( I hate having to get up early and rushing off to an airport on return from vacation, so I booked it later).
Yesterday I had a good long phone call with my married bud in AR, the one I just went up and saw with the new baby boy. I am trying to be more accessible to him on the phone and check in more with him. We remain close friends and he doesn't have many in AR, just his brother in town really. And sometimes we like to end the phone with love ya man , goodbye. ahh so sweet. ha and no we aren't nothing more than just great long time friends, promise. we both just really treasure the friendship and have a lot of mutual respect for the other..last night saw a pretty cool band play at the Blue Door here in OKC. a buddy and former college roomie had invited me to meet him and his wife there. tonight maybe getting downtown to the art museum to see what movie is playing. stay cool out in that heat everybody. drink up!

Friday, July 22, 2011

summer shoe, make that END of summer shoe....

this Rivieras slip on shoe was on my should I or shouldn't I list (in my mind) of online shopping today.. :)

want some fun? then ya gotta advertise!

consider working out first....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

summer ending.... sigh

hope everyone got off to a good start to the week. it's only been around 100 here which is a nice change from over 100 every day.. ha yeah not big difference but you'd be surprised how great the high 90's feels after over 100 all week.
I'm staying indoors mostly this time of year, except for my before dinner bike rides. Instead of going to the gym I"m biking for a half hour or more around okc. I'm going to start back up with my workout here in a few weeks what with school starting back Aug 1st!!! UGHHHH. but it'll be nice to be back on a routine actually. what with getting out of classes at 2:10pm can't really complain, plenty of time to get back to the gym before supper time. ha
I am going to book my trip to NYC at the end of this week. A BIG THANK YOU to Anders and Gregg and the guy who stayed at the apple. I couldn't find the apple, but I found a place on times square called the Hotel which had a 2 room suite for 3 nights at $1300 total... however my sisters say sharing a room with 2 queens will be absolutely fine in which case I might book something at the Edicson or St James.. I like the idea of the best western in Hell's kitchen 'cause I really like that area, but it had rooms with double beds only. I'm not sure if that is the hotel you can see from the High Line or not, but does anyone know what that hotel is near the high line? I'm also getting excited about the shows, I am going to wait to pick what shows a few more months, but right now I'm thinking that War Horse would be something really different what with the puppetry and all, plus my sisters both like horses I guess. I want to see a good song and dance number so probably "Anything Goes" although who knows if Foster will still be in it by Dec.... :( another choice is "follies" with Bernadette Peters? maybe? Wicked or Phantom of course always golden choices (but I've already seen both, wicked in OKC and Phantom in London, hee hee) I noticed another play opening that I'd really really like to try and see a play opening this fall called Relatively Speaking, 3 one acts with some great actors on stage... hmmm but not sure the content etc... Gregg thanks tons for all the options, I WILL shop the Union square. I went to that very Dean and Deluca in soho the last time I was in NYC. yum. although my main destination was uniqlo I'll admit. I really like the idea of finding the candy store. Also I remember quite a few interesting shopping booths at Bryant Park in Dec '09. I'll hit up the blog for more ideas closer to Decemeber... right now I am just getting the hotel/flight done by next weekend, that's my main goal. I got my last three water park checks to put right back onto my credit card for the plane ticket, and the hotel I'll just make a reservation and pay that LATER of course. :) My sisters are so excited asking about the tree and people ice skating at rockefeller center. ha also macy's and the window displays. I'll be watching over them protectively the whole time of course, and reminding them not to just talk to just anybody. we are from the south after all. ha

Monday, July 18, 2011