Saturday, June 18, 2011

more ty ty hottieness

good thing there's some chick in the background, don't want you getting the wrong idea now....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SHoes news

here are th shoes I got a week ago, more Medium brand footwear. THe first one is a black leather sneaker, the next black canvas, and the third a suede leather shoe.
I've already tested all pairs even though the leather shoes are really more fall/winter shoes. the 3rd one is actually a bit darker without the flash on the suede making it appear lighter in the pic. all are VERY comfortable.
only between me and you closet blog, I'll tell ya today I'm wearing a pair of Kozyndan styled Puma shoes I got on Ebay shipped from the UK, linen pants from the Benetton store in New Delhi, and a short sleeve button up shirt I got at Banana Republic in TUlsa at Utica square. PUma socks from Puma outlet north of Dallas and the TOKYObay watch with color striped band I received as a gift when I met my AUstin bud in paris a few years ago, and now that I think about it my boxer briefs I got while shopping around a mall in Honduras...ok, yes I clearly have issues that thinking about all that fascinated me a bit this morning, and who's to ask or notice. definitely not any of my college students.ok now off to work and recieve my classes first essay!.... hopefully all my traveling days aren't completely over... ughhhh

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

oh Isaac!

I think that's his name... still investigating. but oh man! this kid at the banana republic at penn square. oh boy, go check 'im out. :)
here's the story, had a great weekend, busy working friday afternoon and pm. then Saturday went on a garden tour with the garden club here in OKC. I was actually sort of in charge of the ordeal so we began at my place then made stops at 5 other houses and one at a cafeteria and one at a nursery. just imagine cheerful me with a frighteningly LOUD whistle from the water park and watching my watch and blowing the whistle in 3 short blasts to signal everyone to get back on the bus. I announced as we left the parking lot that morning that I'd keep us timed at each stop and to listen for my whistle or the national anthem. Three times I began singing the national anthem as people were lingering after everyone else was on the bus. ha was a fun day and we had a few clouds which made it not completely unbearably hot. about 20 of us went. anyway, Saturday night I went out with my bud S here in okc to see "Super 8". it is EPIC!!! got to see it movie. it's like a whole lot of movies in one and the Fanning girl is CRAZY good acting, actually the boy character is also well well done. tons of effects of course but not too much over the top. (I'll have to do a post sometime about too many movies about the govnt covering up an alien something previously discovered. ha) well before we saw the film, S and I went into the BR and tried on some straight leg pants marked down to 24.99. we were trying 'em on and asking this guy helping us to see if other sizes/colors were in the back. and I noticed this other thin tight bodied, about my height maybe 6'1" muscly armed dark hair kid working there with a tighty polo shirt on tucked in his small waisted fitted jeans..sort of a subtle greek curl to his dark dark hair, and his bright big eyed dark eyebrow framed face. bit of hairy chest showing from above the button of his polo shirt. I wasn't staring 'em down or anytyhing but I noticed the guy. well anyway I'm standing there waiting for S to get another size on and the kid walked up to me and says "I was just listening to Postal Service on the way to work." I put my hand on my chest and wipe down across my Postal Service t shirt I had on and say "I love Postal Service, you should check out Freelance Whales, they have a very cool sound..."" blah blah or something like that , anyway some chat and then he was off helping someone else and we got our stuff to take to the register and some girl there is helping us, and the cutie I kid walked to the other register and started up some more converstaion, I dunno something about what movie we were seeing, and how he hadn't been to a movie since Feb. and then something about we should give our email to the GOdiva store and get some free chocolate, and then how I said I already have a membership, yes let's go get a chocolate before the movie.. anyway it was just sort of funny he kept up some conversation as we're checking out here, and he's helping someone over there. My bud S couldn't get over him talking to me nonstop. ha ha. I was sort of just thrown off a bit. but also very happy someone took some notice of Dan. ha we went the film next and then laughed about it while waiting for the movie to start. good good time. I guess we'll have to check out more movies at that mall and keep checking for I kid to be working or not at the BR. readers in OKC go check him out and let me know what ya think. :P hot hot hottie or what?
worked Sunday and then spent all last night grading papers. taught this morning and now am keeping cool inside until running at the gym time before going to my folks for some homemade lasagna and time with the little niece and nephews while my sister is working at a camp with her husband all week. I'm hoping to spend most of this week getting the house picked up in case my Austin buddy H visits while in town next weekend. woot woot loving summer!

Sunday, June 12, 2011