Saturday, May 21, 2011

no moe moustachio, bigote no mas

back from getting a haircut and had my moustache cut off, ahh ready for summer, high and tight and clean shaven, well not till before church tomorrow will I shave, but still. only two more days of school left and then freedom. ha ha.
I found a school just 10 minutes west of me in OKC with a position open, I will have my application in hand at the admin office as soon as I can get there after school Monday! ha. it's a teaching/coordinator position, so I was thinking gee am I responsible enough for all that, yeah I could do it. but my next question is does it pay any more than just a teaching position because if not, I'll keep what I got with less of the work. perhaps, we'll see. The opening is at a school that is known to be very old school buddy buddy system, which means they could already have someone for the job for all I know, but you knwo me, the eternal optimist of possibilities.
I made a nice trip to Lowes this morning and bought my very own Dewalt 8amp drill. also a set of drill bits that fits nicely into the case. I am doing a raised bed project today, so I got some 2x10x10 lumber and had them cut piece into 3 ft sections fro me for the ends. I'm out there drilling away now and then filling it up with dirt etc... just got back from pizza lunch before the haircut and ready to get back out side. I started back at the water park last Wednesday night and will work again one night this weekend, and then only 2 times a week this summer. My summer classes start back up in June. so only going to RELAX between now and tehn here at the house and maybe get some stuff organized and put up, especially all the stuff stacked up and spread around everywhere in the guest bedroom. If the ex gf comes for mem weekend I need to have it picked up, and since last fall that room has become the "put everything in this room that I don't know where to put" room.
enjoy your weekend all and get out get some SUN. :)

shirtless weekend

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

more Tyty hottieness

these guys have way too much fun making videos for a nursery...

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MONDAY! keep 'em coming....

heck yeah, ready for more 'cause this is my last week of school. woot woot. Tomorrow We're taking the newcomers classes (about 16 kids) on a fieldtrip to the zoo. should be a fun day. I got a sub for my other classes. We'll be taking the city bus to the transit station, and then north to the zoo. We got some special day passes through a scholarship program for all the kids and us to use. and then we get a tax-exempt entry into the zoo etc etc.. next I'll be teaching 3 days of classes, and then we have two more days of school next Mon and Tues. those two days I'll be showing my kids the first and second half of a video. I watched this program on tv this morning called "Storm across Mexico" so I'm going to dvd record it and watch in class the last two days. It's showing tonight on PBS, all about the political history of Mexico with lot's of interviews in Spanish with old timers from the I look forward to my students getting some sort of insight into Mexico's history, they'll never get it in US history classes nor have they been touch much from Mexican school's they've come from during middle school, perhaps...
AND I just turned in all the grades after school today for my college classes. yippee. done done done until June 6th when I'll start ONE summer class on MON and WED mornings at 1030, not too bad a schedule, I can still travel and get out of town on a wednesday afternoon if I wanted and back my Monday morning class. :) well IF I go anywhere this summer we shall see, I KNOW NYC will be a must stop at some point. the ex gf is coming down to stay for MEmorial weekend and my austin buddy is coming up the weekend after that. so lots of fun on the calendar for the summer.
I'm getting my yard in order for a garden tour coming second week of June, I have some Ranunculus starting to bloom so I'm hoping the bulbs I planted later than those will be timed right for the tour. I've been adding a few annuals here and there in the bed and planters for some extra something interesting. HOpefully I'll get a water feature installed once I'm off work for real this summer.
My sister who lives in the panhandle 4 hours away is moving to a town near Altus only 2.5 hours away. so I'm excited to see them more and of course all her awesome kiddos. should make summer fun getting to see her and help them move, pack, maybe get their yard set up for next spring etc.
well I should be at the gym running and working out right now but wasn't able to make it today since I had to go by the college. it's my first Monday night off in a while so I plan to enjoy the time in the yard and at 7pm sit back and relax with some antique road show and my usual pbj. who's ready for summer. comment anytime, and sorry Nate and someone else who emailed about not getting back. please do email I'll be way less busy these days, I get so busy and plus I'm never sure what to email back when I've already reported everything I'm up to on the blog. But I hope you'll continue to throw me a note now and then.
btw, I went and saw the "nine nation" short films showing downtown last weekend. some pretty interesting stuff, nothing like their usual film festival shorts. but a few in particular were pretty cool I'll try to see if any are on youtube...
I'm getting really bored of being single also so maybe I'll get myself out there a bit more this summer. gym first of course.I'm hoping to return to morning swims next week. gonna MAKE myself do it. I keep looking at my shirtless pic from when I was overseas working out every day for lack of anything else better to do, and man I never realized what great shape I got in at the time. back to iT!