Saturday, May 07, 2011


pretty awesome weekend. great weather outside and some yardwork, planted a shrub outside fothergilla 'blue shadow'. I regret not getting to the gym as much as I should have last week, but this time of year is always busy doing a bunch of different things at school and then after work etc.. hey only two more weeks and two days and out for summer, well a two month summer.
THis week, during the long 3 hour periods due to EOI (end of instruction) testing in the morning, I'll be showing the film "mad hot ballroom". which is a documentary about gradeschool children in NYC competing in ballroom dancing. It's a pretty good film, and once again exposes the kids to a different sort of culture. this time immigrant Dominican republic kids living in NYC. They'll have to listen to it in ENglish but sometimes the kids or teacher go off in Spanish.
I haven't heard from the other school I applied at yet, but I have heard it's very hard to get into that district. also I know a lot of schools are super busy right now getting ready for graduation and end of year stuff. This next week I'll be doing my best to get the last two weeks of school planned out what I really want to do/cover and then I can start packing up all the books I won't be touching the rest of the school year. I won't take all the stuff off my walls and stuff until weekend before the last 2 days left. THis time of year I start feeling sentimental for the students, it's always hard sending them off and knowing you'll never have the same group of kids in a classroom together again. It will be cool knowing more students in the hall though next year who had me before. (if I go back that is)
I have to seriously consider getting back into grad school to pursue a phd to truly fulfill my dream of teaching college full-time someday. I'll probably investigate more on that this summer, for example OU or UCO and what direction to go, also finances of course.
now go call your Mom or someone in your life who is a mom, it's Mother's Day in the U.S. I have just finished wrapping a small gift for my mom. I'll give it to her at church this morning. my family doesn't plan any big hurrah on this day, it's more about leaving mom alone and letting her enjoy time at home and dad will probably take her out to lunch. While in Tulsa a few months ago, I bought my mom a nice dishtowel with birds on it from the Anthropologie store there - she likes anything with birds. also I got her a little covered butter dish 'cause she always leave a chunk of butter on a dish at home on the counter top. She likes it on her bread etc...
I'm already decided on dad's gift, it's a tool I saw in a Men's Journal magazine.
speaking of magazines, I got this month's Outdoor magazine in the mail and it included the extra Outdoor Buying Guide with it. man that stuff gets me every time, I love shopping through pictures and prices and reviews of about any male product. running shoes, hiking shoes, travel bags, backpacks, mountain bikes, etc etc.. oh a man can dream. I have GOT to find some friends to get outdoors and do stuff this summer!!! I was outdoors all the time as a kid, and at the lake every summer etc. My Austin buddy has already warned me to bring a bike next time in Austin, that's his new thing, biking everywhere. If I lived in a city where you could bike around all the time I'd love it. I keep dreaming of biking back and forth to the waterpark in the summer to save gas, but it's about 4.5 miles away from where I live. I bet I could still do it though for morning shifts. surely! ha . I'll have to start shopping the Globe bikes I've been wanting for a while. I think they start at around $580 or more... which is more my budget, not like the $1000-3500 bikes in the Outdoor buyer's guide. no way. although I really probably need something more like a ten-speed than just a one speed bike. I'll have to keep looking around.
I'll have to blog sometime about the carryon bags they show. there were a few within $100 that I felt I instantly needed. ha. but alas, I'm traveling a lot less these days. and no I don't have a backpack, bag fetish. like my watches and shoes and sunglasses and scarves and jackets etc, I find myself just enjoying having the right accessory when getting put together to go anywhere. ha . hope all are enjoying the weekend.

Friday, May 06, 2011

gymspiration - strike a pose...

from song of myself...

...."I am satisfied - I see, dance, laugh, sing;
As the hugging and loving bed-fellow sleeps at my side through the night,
and withdraws at the peep of the day with stealthy tread,
Leaving me baskets cover'd with white towels swelling the house with their
Shall I postpone my acceptation and realization and scream at my eyes,
That they turn from gazing after and down the road,"...

Walt Whitman

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

no go to austin

well the memorial weekend trip to AUstin is OFF. my bud called and said he's going to a special gay AA event in Dallas that weekend etc... which actually I'm ok with cause what a drive, plus I'll be working at the whitewater park that weekend most likely. and I had planned going to NYC that week after, like on June 1-5 but that's off now 'cause my host will just be getting back to the country that week yadda yadda. so it looks like no travel plans til later in June. no biggie I can wait.
Today was quite wonderful, I survived 1st hour this morning, with a few appeals and a few threats, and a lot of serious tones. ha We watched the documentary "Wasteland" which I've blogged about before. I had recorded it off PBS a few weeks ago and since we are studying environment and pollution right now in the ESL books it fit with the lessons. the thing is the kids usually get a disney flick. so I liked stretching and challenging their young minds by having to listen to the Portuguese and reading the English subtitles, or just watching whether they understood or not. I think it's good cultural exposure to other stuff out there in the world! no news from the school I applied at yet.. .it's ok, all in God's hands, meanwhile I'm checking postings at other local area schools, but I'm more and more ok with working at the same school next year, just being fully employed is quite a blessing.
I contacted a former gym buddy on facebook last week about hanging out sometime, and he responded about what time is good for me. that will be fun, he's a really really super nice guy, and seriously I'm just interested in seeing him and catching up as a friend. a young lawyer in town, blond and buff, former mormon from Utah etc etc..
I'm enjoying every bit of time I got this week because come Saturday I'll be grading both my classes final essays all next week. ugh! well good week to all.

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

brothers in arms ...

musical piece of pi

weekend update.

summer'll be here before we know it! yes. last week went by in a whirl of activities. Last Monday night at the junior college I ran into a former student. we'll call him grant, and I think I mentioned him a few years ago from one of my first classes there. anyway, he saw me walking to class and shouted out and came over and was all smiles and talking to me about going to college next fall at TU in Austin Texas. so I was thrilled to hear it and encouraged him etc etc.. always great running into a former student. I was busy at work getting students tested, doing our crazy adjusted schedule etc, and then I also found a teaching position open at a much nicer school district north of the one I'm teaching in. and JUST to cover my bases and seek out any more opportunity out there, I applied online, and the next day my supervisor at the college said to fill out the form there giving her permission to email back a reference. also I got an email from the school to take a gallup online survey like a teacher awareness thing... tons of questions about if I'm positive, how a team works, and how I work with negative students, and is it important for students to like me, and do teachers or students come to me for advice, and do I fix a problem right away and trust test scores etc etc.. very annoying and psychological I thought. ha some questions you had to choose one of two things that were both so ambiguous to say which described you the best. ahh well. at least it's a beginning. we'll have to wait and see if it's a serious interested or if anyone applying online gets the same emails sent out for the survey and references. Although my resume is pretty unique with the math and English certification plus overseas experience and college teaching experience. right!? HA
I'll say one thing, it fells a LOT better looking for a job while having a job than it did last year.
this weekend I drove ALL the way up to panhandle to visit my sister and her 4 kids etc. had tons of fun with the little kiddos all running around and talking to me about this and that non stop. lots of hugs and kisses which I need since I'm single and will possibly never have kids. :P ANd of course I went to a nursery in that small town that I really like and bought several new plants. came home last night and planted 'em before the rain this morning.
shout out to buddy S!!!! who's running the memorial marathon downtown this morning. so is my sister and another niece. go runners! I am usually volunteering and handing out medals as the runners come in but I decided to take some time off from volunteering for a while, too much to try and get in order with my two jobs and my house and I'm doing a project for my sister who's running this morning. SHe ripped out the entire bed in front of her house and we're redoing it from scratch. whoah.
How about that wedding Friday morning? what a great way to start the weekend. Not that I made it a point to watch but it was the only thing on tv from the time I was up at 530am til 7 when I leave the house. I loved the right colors and all the cheer.
can't WAIT to get back to UK someday. first though NYC this summer in JUNE. :)