Saturday, April 09, 2011

coud you hand me a towell...


or not

(from organized chaos...thanks, bud)

Friday, April 08, 2011

warming up

so did you survive the week? I did. having an actual classroom and getting on to a sort of routine with my class sure helped. I'm doing an online thing once a day for all my classes where they get on the computers and do Rosetta Stone. thousands of dollars spent on this top of the line program for kids to learn English, and yup, of course, there are still those few that say, this is boring, ha! but overall, they all sit and click through stuff and are so quiet and engaged.. whew!
hot hot here in okc. I might even turn on the air tonight..dare I? maybe just go to bed with the fan on, that should do it.
I've been outside watering the yard all week, also got my taxes done this week and surprise I actually am getting something back, I was concerned after selling my shares of Motorola last year to pay last years taxes. this year wasn't as bad tax-wise. And a former student from the school I teach at, offers doing free taxes at his business for teachers, so I might go there and save the $75 turbotax fee and have them file for me. woosh
had my monthly stock club meeting after school Thursday, we decided to sell off some shares and reinvest in something next month. basically they spoke of standard stuff with dividends, nothing too risky etc. blah blah and something about the Japanese market. I just sit and listen mostly and try not to ask dumb questions. ha
drove out to my folks tonight after work to pick up some plants that got delivered there by mistake, something to do with an address on my paypal account, it happens now and then, and I got to fix it! but it was good to see 'em and say HEY! came right home and called my bud S and went with him and J to eat some Mexican food at an overpriced "gourmet mexcan food" mall restaurant before we all saw the movie "HANNA" together. I actually really like it, sort of a jason Bourne with an experimental teenage girl genetically formed perfect soldier specimen story...etc etc. I also like the trailer with big bad the ROCK and Vin Diesel. ha, another fast and furious set in Brazil with stupid lines like "whatever you do, don't let them drive their cars"...won't be seeing it, but I do love Vin and the Rock! good weekend to all.
ED. hottie Eric Bana in the movie Hanna was also awesome. remember I loved him in the star trek movie remake. HOT :) it's sort of Run Lola Run meets Bourne Identity...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

camera shy?

can I see the pics you DIDN'T post...?

Monday, April 04, 2011

you two b

truth is awesome

so are parodies...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

speedo time


I'm probably going to NYC when school is out. A former student, the one that lived in DC when I visited now lives in Brooklyn and has offered me a couch at his flat where he and his gf live. anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone knows the area of Troutman and Centerl in Brooklyn. yeah I'm just a dumb midwesterner with all my views of the big city off of tv and movies. HA, anyway, I just wondered if I'll be safe walking to the subway and back to his apartments from the central ave Metro stop?
otherwise I'll stay in the city or where I did last time at the Jane hotel.
I've had a great weekend. I went out for pizza with my bud S on Friday night. he left for AR to see his sort of bf for the weekend. next I was painting a sign all Friday night for this sale going on at the garden center. IT turned out pretty good, I did a bunch of checkerboard blocks of different spring colors with big whiter letters across them outlined in dark purple. anyway... Saturday was a lot of yardwork time and getting the house straightened up. I drew out a calendar on the back of the bulletin in church this morning and saw that I have 7 full weeks of classes before SUMMER! thus the travel thoughts. I want to make the most of my free time before college classes start back up for my summer class. well that's only going to be twice a week anyway so I know I can still travel some this summer, I hope to get down to Austin maybe for memorial weekend, and then I also hope to get to Grand Rapids this summer.
Anyway, back to my yard, I planted two Maple Leaf Viburnums outside in a shady area, but these will be experimental as I'm in OKC and we have hot dry summer winds that makes us different than other zone 7s. but it's always trial and error with my yard, that's how I learn. online says they tolerate dry shade so we'll see.
I also moved a forsythia bush and tried planting a desert willow seedling from last summer but I think it may have died overwinter. I probably got it too wet. I maybe will mow down some weeds today, but probably I'll focus more on the inside house and get stuff off the floor and put away yadda yadda... off to home depot now for a Japanese maple, emperor one. they have some small ones for about $25. hope all are having a great spring weekend.
btw, I heard this thing on NPR This morning about Daniel Radcliffe on broadway in a musical, going to put that on my list of things to consider to see.