Saturday, April 02, 2011

my next husband... john grant!

well not really, but man I like his style and travels and looks , tormented comiong out past etc.. mr. hunky midwest musician..etc. by husband I really just mean a can only imagine what nice nice guys he's met using his german and russian... :P
been listening to John Grant's album Queen of Denmark since discovering it a couple weeks ago non home singalong. it's the lyrics, listen to them...

I hear there's snow in PA...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

man blogging was fun when it started. it's still fun to get on here and get my thoughts and ideas out, but sometimes it's helped so much getting my thoughts out there, that I feel like not a whole lot new to say. ha
Some of the fellow bloggers out there who started way back in 06 or so , it's unbelievable how long we can keep this up!!! ha, some guys have come online, talked about the whole closet deal, and then come out of the closet and no longer the blog as outlet. I'm not sure where I stand, I'm not out or anything but I am more and more comfortable with who I am lately either way, so that's pretty cool.
well all that to say I've been pretty busy lately and not a lot to blog about other than my day to stuff. I can say this week and last have gone by really nicely on account of having subs every day while we're testing all the ESL kids in the school. team of 4 of us and it's a big process. I've been repeating the spoken part of the test over and over and over for days...
I'm also searching all over the net tonight comparing acer trifolium and acer pseudosieboldianum, the first a sort of Japanese maple type tree and the second a Korean maple. blah blah. I skipped the volunteer meeting after school today downtown on account of I'm not going to volunteer anymore I've decided after the big spring marathon they always have end of April. I haven't been really feeling it and have been there 6 years etc.. and lately just a hassle to go on saturday morning, so I decided if my heart ain't into it and I'm feeling pretty busy with my time, I'm going to stop. want to know what was the final thing that made me decide? it's sort of dumb but they decided to change from khaki slacks to black slacks, and I just feel like that's pretty stupid cause I'm not wearing black slacks in the summer!!!!! ha ha ha. no seriously I was already planning on ending it for awhile.
I've also decided not to work at the water park this summer. I am getting plenty cash from the summer class at the community college so might as well enjoy the rest of my time while off for school a couple months.
haven't heard back from the male nurse buddy in norman yet about the Hiking club he was getting together, well gay guy hiking club etc.. ran at the gym tonight and spent the rest of it watching american idol. how conventional of me. vote Stefano!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011