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man I really hope I find SOMETHING next year for a job, Lord willing. but I may be here typing again after my same ole high school job spring break. ahh well.
I'm up for anything fulltime ya know, either way after no job a while back.
so has everyone survived spring so far? 2 of my students got in a big ole fight between classes outside today, I found out about it at lunch. both were handcuffed and taken to jail and then suspended for 5 days etc etc. blah. actually both of 'em are pretty decent kids, they are not cholos or anything, even friends really, but they got into it over a girl that Victor dated and I guess jeremias was now interested in blah again. bad choices.
well I survived my spring break up until the last minute. Last Friday I was in charge of picking up this married couple at the airport. THey were invited to come and speak at this gardening club I'm part of. I had to rent a car since I drive a ford ranger pickup. 2010 Honda civic and the place came and picked me up here in OKC so that was easy enough. I took the couple to the Memorial downtown and through the museum. also gave them both an Eskimo Joe's t-shirt as a souvenier. :)
so the meeting and presentation was Friday night and we had people that came in from Kansas and Tulsa so it made for a really great night. everyone was really happy I had booked them. Saturday I drove up to Tulsa to meet the ex gf from AR and we had lunch together at whoel foods there on Peoria. next we shopped around together at the mall and then utica square (they have a new Anthrolpogie store there which she LOVES). I did buy a very very cool short sleeve shirt from the Banana republic store which made an excellent outfit for church SUnday with my new jeans and another pair of shoes I ordered of ebay from the UK (quick note: it was this purchase that signaled my bank to block my credit card, which frustrated me while shopping in Dallas! ugh all good now though)the shoes are a Kozyndan Puma style. I'll try to post a pic.
SO we had a swell time joking around all day and hanging out, and she left before 6pm while I drove over to the garden center to hear Tony Avent from speak there, then back to okc. SUnday I went to the zoo in okc to hear him speak again.. finally back to work Monday in our newly remodeled classrooms, boxes everywhere, unpacking, kids allowed to just visit....
bored reading yet? well MOnday night classes went really well, passed back their essays, ahd them teach each other via small groups the next chapter, did some relative clauses activities, assigned next paper's rough draft etc etc.
I'm testing kids all the rest of the week at work, time to test all their English levels, all the ESL kids in the school. fun fun. spring is here I'm so glad.
this time of year all I got to do is wait till SUMMER! yippee.
actually I'm counting down first for April 15h, it's our average last frost.