Thursday, March 17, 2011

john grant

just bought this album on itunes... really like it, good to know there are still song writers out there... the first one here is sort of directed at the idiocy of that group of protesters, I'm thinking.. the last two are awesome :)

spring break tarries along...

so hopefully some of you are enjoying a spring break or getting ready for one, perhaps not but saving up for some summer plans? I drove up to NW Arkansas Monday morning, had lunch at my favorite sandwich place in college and then went over to the married couple's house I always stay with. He was a former college buddy who married a girl I grew up with since jr. high, not the same school but the same church youth group etc..
anyway they have two boys now, the youngest one adopted and with fetal alcohol syndrome, so he's homeschooled and a really sweet great kid. just behind developmentally a bit. love seeing them and their kids of course. talked and talked and talked to both of 'em all night, the ex gf came over and talked up a storm with the wife while my bud and I watched some tv. Tuesday morning I was up and chilling...ahhhh... went up to my former college and said hey to my favorite English professor there, left a note on a college buddy's office who is an adjunct there now. Also saw my former choir director there and had a great quick chat with him as well. wonderful. next was lunch with my best bud, the one I went to IOWA with last year, we had lunch at a monnonite lunch place, really good home cooking. we discussed jobs, moves, lives, economy, etc... he's expecting a 3rd kid this summer.
next went to my former college roomate's house in town. I was really excited to hear about all the things he's been up to lately, first of which, have I mentioned he's Jenifer garrner's cousin? well she and the husband were in TUlsa a while back while he was shooting a movie in Bartlesville and the whole family got together. so anyway, my former roomie told me how they sat at the end of the table to watch their kid at the kid table, and by the time Jen and Bben sat down they ended up at the 2 seats right across from my bud and his wife! ha ha. stuff like this always happens to my former roomie. all of us from college call it the "his name" factor. ha
anyway, we discussed how it was interesting trying to be normal and find something to talk about etc.. and how he thought they were both super super nice and before he never though much about him as an actor or anytyhing but now really likes him. ha ha
well he's also about to finish a book that the movie director Deltoro possibly will write a forward to. and another thing of interest is that Krristen Wiigg from SNL contacted him about doing some artwork. so full of stories, I'm really proud of that guy! he was laid off from his graphic design job a year ago and his wife is now working fulltime while he stays home freelancing and watching the 4 year old son.
I have a different married friend there in town who sort of knows about "my situation". I was in his wedding back in college etc..(I'll have to post sometime about the group of friends I found at college who weren't all jock heads like the crowd I came from in high school and how awesome it was to connect with guys as friends on a creative level, same faith etc...) the nicest guy in the world with a great wife and 4 kids, he also freelances and is an impressionist painter. I'm posting a photo of the painting I bought from him last fall and finally picked up this time while in town. that was tuesday afternoon.
I stayed Tuesday night watching a few episodes of The IT Crowd, a tv show from the UK, and left for home Wednesday morning, I've been chilling here ever since.
weekends almost here, I got 12 more essays to grade before back to my Monday night class. :P
/////// the mispellings are on purpose BTW so as not to come up in web searches etc... blah blah /////////////


do it now, and here's some green undies for the day. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

general suleiman

you may never visit Beirut, but you can watch this video....

where's da beach....

I mean, where's your swim suit....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

beach baby....

you think that guy sitting there will find some guy stumbling around later that night and "help" 'em out....

weak end

here's the stuff I bought while in Dallas, two pairs of jeans from H&M, one black and black/blue washed - perfect 32/34 fit, a couple pairs of boxers briefs from American Apparel, and a shirt from Banana Republic that I had to get in honor of the new tea towel trend in button up shirts coming this summer. also some socks, and then I didn't manage to get the Aveda shampoo and body wash soap in the picture. the Ikea stuff I didn't bother getting in the picture , just a bunch of stuff for around the house, organizing stuff, and cleaning stuff. and some hanging lamps and shades etc.. great trip over all. I even got to stop and see a high school buddy yesterday. ALSO stopped by a couple of lowes and got a pretty nice light fixture, maybe some pics of that later.
back in OKC tonight. drove back this morning and got a warning on the highway for going 75 in a 60. yikes!!!! I want to keep my clean record better slow down. I like to think mentioning I was a high school teacher maybe helped get the warning but ya never know. :)
I bought a really nice coral bark Japanese Maple at the Northhaven Nursery in Dallas, planted it this afternoon next to the drive..
comfortable home and bed tonight, tomorrow heading up to NW AR. spring break has sprung. :)