Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cure x Adele = Awesome

long ass day today running around Dallas. jeers to more than half of the radio stations in Spanish, I guess most people hook up an Ipod these days in the car.. alas. thank you guy in the crazy plaid shorts that were sort of hanging and clinging just right ever time you walked by. dang. staying one more night, will try to make a HAUL post tomorrow when I get back to OKC :). cheers

exhibit a

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

common project

I spelled break like that on purpose. hey check out these shoes. DAMN I'll never own them but I bet they are really comfortable. My ex gf in college was an MK that grew up in Italy and she would always say, yup, made in Italy, that's why they're awesome. she'd say that about any shoe from Italy. ha
Anyway, these are Common Project shoes made in Italy. I found these on ebay for $249, shipping $70. those of you boys with the dollars, go for it! I'm not. :)
next I'm posting a pic of these lamps. They show a different image when on or off, $72 plus $21 shipping from online. I thought they were "pretty cool" (that's an inside joke, you have to say it like the girl on SNL who parodies Hannah Montana). While I'm posting about online shopping, I received my order of Sugru this week. It's sort of like j.b. weld but it is silicone based product that adheres to anything, great for any hack project. check it out at Sugru website here.

week b4 spring brick

Well the AUSTIN plans are postponed. but I AM finally making it to DALLAS this weekend. staying over with SPEEDY blog buddy Friday night and then shop shop shopping Saturday morning before my return to OKC. :P .... as I stated last month, plans include stops at H&M at northpark mall, and IKEA. of course the real reason I'm going down is to get my jacket and sunglasses I left there New Years Eve. now that I think about it, maybe I should stop by the outlet mall one more time... maybe not. ha
my buddy in Austin had made plans to come to OKC this weekend to visit his folks, which I was actually glad about to see him without having to drive back to Austin. what with gas and all. but then he had a family funeral come up for Thursday night in dallas. so no visit to OKC either. what am I supposed to do with these Medium brand footwear Alpinist style shoes I had waiting for him? alas, guess I'll throw them in the mail. We've made plans now for a memorial weekend reunion. :)
thing is, he is currently renting out his condo in AUstin. which I'm REALLY REALLY proud of him for making money and getting back on his feet etc. I may have to stay with his bf next time in town. no big deal.
btw, anyone in Austin, can you recommend a church for 2 gay boys to attend. My bud and his bf and trying out different churches in Austin, and they are looking for a really good on target church that is sort of gay friendly, but not an all out "gay church", I'm sure they exist somewhere. Even here in OKC there is Westminster Church, where 2 of my friends who are "partners" attend and one is involved in the choir etc.... SO I hope they can find a great place in Austin because since he came out of rehab, he's even asked me questions about the bible and I'd never experienced that before with him. although of course I've prayed for him for years. He's currently at a halfway house , fyi, where there is 10pm curfew and it sort of helps him with accountability at this point.
SO ANYWAY, I'm making it through this last week before spring break. I'm packing up my entire classroom into boxes and labeling all the desks shelves and furniture for the move during break into the remodeled building where I'll have a new room. yipee doo, like I care at this point, actually I do care because I'll have one enclosed room where we can hear each other and out of the temp ceilingless rooms in the old gym. woot woot.
I plan to lose the beard during break, I was holding on to it until Austin bud got to see it in full force, but now I just plan to shave it maybe after dallas. I'll be more youthful and clean-cut in appearance within a week. shazam.
Was so busy today after school with grading and packing, went by the store for peanut butter, bread, cereal, the usual... it's not looking good for Dan right now considering personal fitness. I got only one workout in last week and one this week. and tonight I already plan on having a bowl of lucky charms after my sandwich and chips. and I also bought some Snicker's chocolate easter eggs. that can't be good.
but don't worry, I'm still running and keeping the fat off. I'll be back to working out and swimming in the mornings within the next 2 months at some point.
I think I've decided not to work at the water park this summer since I'll have the teacher pay coming in all summer and plus I'll teach a summer class for some extra $$. I'll miss the view at the water park though, but not the hours...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunday, March 06, 2011

dave, drew, dan...

dave, yes I used to be on adam4adam but I deleted the account last year. Basically I only went on that site to check out pics of guys in Atlanta or North Carolina or, well basically anywhere, but Atlanta and dallas had the best black guy profiles .....
Anyway, I didn't like getting hit up so much by guys in okc while signed in and plus I'm living a life now of wanting to click with someone for real in person and not just the quick get off. but yup, always fun to look, surely there must have been readers that caught my profile on that site before. who knows. :)
drew, man I had a good time at that car show. I was inside this Jeep Wrangler and just LOVING the comfort and feel and style ALL AROUND. I was checking the sticker and thought to myself well maybe without the leather seats, the auto transmission, and the computer stuff inside I could get the price down to around 30k??? ha, and I actually thought to myself... hmmmm how much of a payment would that be, dangit I work two jobs, why not get a car payment and drive something NICE!!!!! thank goodness I reminded myself about not putting my life's value into what car I drive. but OH so tempting. I could buy the car point blank but that would take selling half my stocks currently, and I'm still waiting for the economy to improve before I sell any more shares so forget that! I might look around this week for something used within 3-5 years old and see what I can do to get a nice 4 door black Jeep wrangler... ahh dan, always the dreamer and optimist...
speaking of stocks, I'm in this stock club that meets once a month. we put in $50 each month and talk about what stocks we might want to buy or sell etc.... It's kindof fun, 'cause I don't know ANYTHING much about the whole thing, I'm an English teacher after all. The really nice bank guy who advises us tries so hard to educate us each meeting. ha This last week we invested in YUM, sold NY, and considered Quallcomm and MOO. Me personally though, I want to get a hundred shares of Maui Land and Pineapple. :)
saw "Rango" last night with a college buddy in town from AR. highly stylized and well-written film.

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