Saturday, March 05, 2011


car show

it's the annual car show at the okc fairgorunds today. woot woot.
I am not a huge car enthusiast or anything, very happy driving around in my ford ranger, all paid for and dependable etc...
although I have been wanting a second car lately and have been saving up and will be looking around this summer for a car. But even then I'm talking 5-10 grand, not a new car or new car loan or anything at all like that. no way.
It's a LOT of fun just to go to the car show and see all the new cars, what's new inside, features, styles, etc.... Also I like the people watching on the side as well of course.
The rest of today will be the usual weekend chores around the house and a trip to my folks to see my sis and her kids in town for the basketball tournaments. She lives in a small small town where her husband is a coach and athletic director etc...
So I'm going to go love on the cutie niece and nephews today. always fun.
one more week til break so I'm making some plans to get through Dallas and shop a bit before heading down to AUSTIN baby!!! ah yeah.
my buddy down there has been in a halfway house after rehab and said he'd be moving back home before I got down there for break. should be an interesting weekend seeing how he's doing with his new job and all.
also I get to shave my beard, that's right Dan has a big ole brown shaggy beard, for a couple months now. and no haircut in a while. so I am waiting for spring break for the big clean up. ha from unibomber to clean cut for austin town. ha..hope everyone enjoys the weekend. spring'll get here right around the corner....

shirtless at 55...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

clothes on or off...

so which one are you, the guy that takes all his clothes off after you've made out a bit so you can start going at it...., or the guy that makes out, exchanges grabs here and there, gets some clothes undone, rolls around some more, gets the pants off etc....
I guess it's probably always different based on the situtaion, but I though I'd blog about how I'm not the type to just up and strip down and get to it, I'm more about taking it slow step by step etc...I mean, the few times, cough cough, that I've, cough , even been with a guy. :) ha
It's pretty funny even learning what to do, for me the first few times were quick and clumsy and way too exciting just the novelty of it all....and then of course there is the whole online meeting that is just about trying to connect with the same sex and get off. those types have their extremes, the guy that is so new or nervous that you talk for about 30 minutes until someone makes a move. Or there is the guy that comes over and immediately just grabs your crotch or sits down and drops trou' . ha
I'd have to say the most unromantic is definitely this one guy who used to call and want to drop by now and then, ex marine guy, I think I mentioned him the part native american HUGEly hung dude, he pretty much walked in the door, followed me to my room and was getting undressed and on the bed before I could turn around.. . actually it's been a while for this closet gay blogger for any be honest, I haven't been looking for a while and the last couple calls and emails I've received from some "buds" in town I've not replied or invited over at all....
but i was thinking this last weekend how some guys both take initiative or neither do. ha
some guys don't care how it goes down at all and then some guys really care just what's going down. they list it explicitly on a profile so detailed it's ridiculous sometimes. gee whiz. I think the dumbest question ever is do you shoot big loads? who the hell cares, addicted to porn much? your online hook ups aren't always going to be porn stars. although while I'm the type to not immediately take off my clothes, I know usually the guy is about to get pleasantly surprised once I do.....
and I've mentioned before the question "what all you like to do?".. didn't we already chat about that for almost an hour before getting together? When I first started considering guys and finding the ways to connect online, it was very hot the idea of random anonymous fun. It's sort of a common phenomenon with closet guys for some reason. I don't know if I feel exactly the same any more, I got so bored of the quick random type guys. I did have 2 or 3 regular buds in town, hung guys that took some time to to find here in okc, but once the first connection was made and the mutual attraction experienced.. well let's just say it was some fun for a while (before I got the roomie btw). but even then, it was never all that regular, it was always based on the right timing of both being in the mood or available or running into someone online etc... it gets old and boring also. right now I'm sort of waiting to personally meet and gain interest in someone before I just drop trou and go for it. not that I'll stick to that plan, but it's my current status. wow that sounds like facebookspeak. would love to hear any comments. later

Sunday, February 27, 2011

oscar night...

from New York Times Magazine
Video Gallery: 14 Actors Acting
film shorts
Published: December 7, 2010
This year’s great performers striking some of the classic attitudes of cinema.

click the link and check out James Franco's bit looking into the mirror...mmmm