Saturday, February 19, 2011

YOU define your own limits...

wear underwear...

yee haw...

ED: I reloaded the pic of the guy in white briefs, it kept taking me to a warning page...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wasteland in OKC

man I made it to FRIDAY, woot woot. Went downtown this evening for the 5:30pm showing of "Wasteland" an Oscar nominated documentary. EXCELLENT film! Vik Munoz is a famous Brazilian artist who goes back to Brazil for a project of working with some people so poor they have to live and work at one of the world's largest garbage dumps in the world just outside of Rio. His project involves hiring them to help him incorporate the material they daily pick through from the dump into the portraits he's known for making out of various materials. Really inspiring and I was laughing and crying back and forth, such beautiful humble sweet sweet various people. If you get the chance to view this one coming through a town near you. SEE IT. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oklahoma Thunder!

hope everyone had a good Valentines day. This week got off to a busy start, yesterday morning I got to work and realized I left my lunch on the counter at home. I had everything all planned and ready to leave to work with my work laptop, my night job bag with books/papers, my back pack with all the gym gear for between jobs gym time. large ice water in hand etc.. but the lunch I left.
Well, I have planning period 2nd hour and thought, hmmmm could I make it back home and back before the bell.... I got home in 20 min and had just 20 to get back to school.. BUT..... I ran a stop sign a few blocks from my house and an unmarked cop car approaching the intersection pulled me over! UGH... I was so worried about the ticket, but more so about the time it took him to go back to write a ticket. of course I immediately showed my concern and apologized and said first thing how I was a high school teacher etc etc...well 7 or so minutes later he came back with my WARNING! yippee... so I head back to work a minute or so after the bell rings.. ughhh. unlock my door and let the kids in. that will never happen again. I just had to get that lunch, my tunafish sandwich, apple, banana, chips, cookie... after work went to the college, ran on the treadmill, went to class. excellent time in class and recieved about 18 papers I'll be grading the rest of the week. Today at work went very well, except we had no internet all day for some reason, so no taking roll, no grading papers, no emails, etc.. all the stuff now that's through the computer. ha anyway, it was excellent nice weather and I walked around and relaxed some after school before my bud S. came by to pick me up to go to the NBA THUNDER game tonight. we were in the club seats, where you can show up before the game and eat the buffet before watching the game. A nice bonus was sitting next to his work friend an her husband. this clean cut short haired guy with the smoothest skin, tight North face fleece jacket on, in nice shape, and just CUTE... loved sitting by him at the game and getting in a few quick convo's. He had that beautiful serious look, the kind of guy you just want to sit next to and stroke like a cat. He had that serious look in his eye, like a cat that's always thinking and always aware but accomadate you only when HE'S willing.... lucky wife, right? THUNDERS beat the Kings btw. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

"The trouble with quotes from the Internet is that you never know if they are genuine." Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, February 13, 2011

wrestler play...

anyone watching grammy show?

well it was a pretty exciting opening performance with an Aretha Franklin tribute including Florence from one my favorites Florence and the Machines, and then Muse also on stage and later Mumford and Sons... ah yeah, UK invasion, let's go! Although I am not sure why Barbara Streisand or Mick Jagger have to perform, are our parents or grandparents watching?
hope all had a good weekend, was pretty busy, volunteered downtown Sat. morning and left straight from there to a gardening club meeting, our first for this season. I was in charge of bringing my laptop and the clubs projector and made it there on time but forgot my lap top, oops. good thing I live 10 minutes from where we meet. then later last night I went back downtown to the art museum for the screening of the Oscar nominated live action shorts. All of which were pretty good, 2 had a priest, 2 with guns, and one a sort of modern day cupid story, since the first 4 were sort of serious and creepy films, I'm voting for God of Love, although the Oscar will probably go to The Confession or Wish 143, based on the story and how well they were acted/filmed.
I had some FB messages come in from the male nurse in okc. he asked if I'd like to go hiking this morning, but I got that invite this morning and was a bit late to try and plan to go, what with church and all and that's when I see my family every week.
My mom was wearing the opal drop that I had made for her for Christmas: I bought it at a market in Kabbull while overseas years ago and only this year could I afford to have it mounted as a drop for a chain necklace. Can't believe I'm going to be working all 5 days in a wow this week, after all the snow the last 2 weeks. I'm reading through the chapter in prep for my night class tomorrow night. Their first essays are due tomorrow night, so I'll be pretty busy grading those all week, plus another 20 from my online. However this week his high of 60-70 the next 7 days! so, let's get February over with and get Spring roaring in soon. :)