Saturday, February 05, 2011

take a picture, it lasts longer...

sun is out finally

absolutely ready for some sun today... I taught classes MOnday at my public high school job, and then also my Monday night class at the community college. Man I'm really going to love having that one night with respondent students once a week. that will really keep me going, serious... so the rest of the week was stuck at home due to snow, NO WORK! I got a LOT of work done at home grading all the work from the night class. and also the online class I'm teaching. doing the two classes brings in an extra $800 a month which I hope to save up for travel next summer.. save save save is my motto right now so I can get back out of OKC at some for some travel travel travel.
I haven't been to the gym all week which really SUCKS! last gym time was SUnday I think. UGH won't be fun getting back to workouts, one week is all it takes for me to start shrinking and get sore when I start back up hitting it. I'm going back to my body part a day work-outs and quitting the 28 day plan (which I did for 4 months! ha)
I got in another rut, as usual. My motivation right now will be travel to Austin for spring break. my Austin bud is out of rehab and staying in a safe house there for a while so I can't wait to catch back up with him in a month. So I got that to look forward to at this point. I didn't go to Dallas this weekend since the snow and travel were so bad. another weekend and if not then I'll make it by there on my way to Dallas spring break no doubt.
I'd be interested to hear from anyone about what you've been up to to keep busy this last week with all the weather and snow. Today I had a message from the male nurse here in okc. asking for a lunch or coffee, but I'm never sure if he's wanting to see me, or SEE ME. ha hopefully both and I can catch up with him soon.
I'd love to hear some comments about the Zach Wahl speech in Iowa. it passes 1,000,000 hits last night, up past 1,200,000 this morning.
not only have I missed the gym this week, I've missed the gym show by some of the college guys up there.... oh man. enjoy the weekend everyone in or outside.

Friday, February 04, 2011

zach wahls on msnbc

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

EDIT: here is a skype interview from CBS;

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

zach wahls speaks about family in Iowa

this college teen spoke in front of Iowa congress about his 2 moms.... excellent

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

sauna fun...

give a buddy a hand...

"you're nothing but a pack of cards"...

Dan's favorite things... these decks of cards I started collecting back in 2005 about the time I started the blog most likely.. all found on eBay. this remains the first thing I type into the search anytime I find myself on that site. I may have posted about them before, but I'm up to 5 decks so I thought I'd get out the camera today..., none particularly mint, but that's ok, I'm just happy to have 'em. My goal someday is figure out a way to display a deck in a frame, something like below... This deck of cards was designed by the Eames for the 1970 world's fair, and I think IBM was a sponsor of some sort. Enjoy.

feeling blue?

I'd like to think in an alternate universe I own a nursery and hire lots of cute boys like these..... ha

Sunday, January 30, 2011

wrestling again...

I might have posted these already, sometimes I forget to move them to the posted file

btw I really like the colors going on here, blues, yellow, orange... mmm so eames!

Ikea dreams...

random dream post... last night I was on some great outdoorsy highway, somewhere mountainous...traveling who knows where and there were these semi trucks swerving on the road , and I barely missed one in my pick-up.. next thing I know I'm pulling into a truck stop and so here's the most vivid part. I was shopping around, they had some shelves on the wall opposite the counter, nice wood panelled walls and a bathroom door in the corner . I was looking at a yellow t-shirt but they didn't have my size, then next thing I find is a lacoste blue jacket, so I'm looking for my size, and then I'm in the bathroom trying it on, and I am looking at the sleeves are too short and go out to get a L and try that on, it's just right, I look down at how there is an alligator on the front left side and it's not green but navy blue, same as the jacket, then I look down and notice inside the jacket there is this detachable grey fleece vest sort of thing inside that attached velcro or not. Next I noticed the little alligater also had this sort of flap above it that you could hide the alligator behind or infront of. I remember checking it out in the mirror then going back out to find a blue knit hat but woke up at that point..alas. I think I must miss my blue jacket that I left in Dallas New Years.. maybe going back next weekend to Dallas to get it though. also plan to buy some stuff at Ikea while there, and shop the H&M store before it shuts back down there. At Ikea, I need some small wooden frames to add to the ones I got last year so I can do a wall full of them an idea I've had. and then they had this knit throw blanket thing that I've been trying to figure out how I could wrap it around a lamp and make it something interesting, and next there was a light fixture and paper lamp shade I decided I want for the home. good ole Ikea.
btw last week I had a dream of one of my students, luis, he was a a movie store at some beach city and I ran into him, and then in the dream I went back in time and saw him on the beach stealing some food from a place and running off and I caught up with him behind some restaurant and was telling him that I know he had a better future and to take care of himself and to strive for better etc.. and it was so funny how in the dream I knew his future, I was so sure, and I remember getting confused about, wait how did I know his future so exactly and so confidently...ha and it woke me up.. ha ha

self hating gays, oh my