Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

long long week.....

I had a marathon week this week. classes all went wonderful... I mean overall... I'm smiling more at the kids and trying to talk to them more very up front things going on there lives, all this while teaching English.. SOmething that I find helpful is to tell the students why we are doing this or that activity and how it helps them learn... also I'll say why English is important or when they might here this word or that.. etc etc.. blah blah. good week. boy was I busy, Monday night my community college started back up, and I was TIRED before the end of class and I kept saying page instead of chapter or vise versa when we read from the book... ugh. I"m going to be ready next week though! big class full of 26 students, but halfway through a semester there are always about a quarter that stop coming. My goal is always to keep everyone interested and wanting to finish out, but sometimes it's circumstances beyond a student's control...alas.
on to Tuesday, after the gym went to a 7pm lecture at the horticulture building at OSU/OKC and left right at 8pm to get home in time for the prez speech. Wednesday went straight to the dentist after school.. 2 hours getting 2 temp crowns pulled off and capped permanently...after that was done shoot up the other side of my mouth for a filling, and while waiting for that to take effect, an upper and lower impression for a night guard (I grind my teeth at night, and although it doesn't give me any headaches or anything, it's not good for my teeth apparently. ha). and then next the filling. FINALLY got out of there 2 hours later... woosh. last night was at a banquet for the thing I volunteer at downtown and left right at 8pm before the program was over so I could get home to relax etc.. after school today, high of 71 in okc and awesome, was out in the yard and talking to some neighbors, and then some gym time, and out to Chelino's with buddy S here in okc. Yum Mexican food!
going to be an awesome day tomorrow, upper 60's, and I'm volunteering in the morning, a lunch date, and then Lowe's to shop for some irrigation supplies. I'm stocking up for a summer project, ah yeah.... hope everyone has an awesome weekend. we got a few warm days then cold 20's by Tuesday, that's Oklahoma for ya. :{P

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Designing Design...

Well I'd love to recommend this book to everyone to read (those interested in design etc...)Designing Design by Kenya Hara. It's absolutely one of my favorite reads, yet I'm afraid you may have a hard time finding this seemingly out of print book. I bought it while overseas living on a military base a few years ago. I had read a review about it (thank you favorite magazine Monocle!), and at the time had money to burn and ordered the $60 book to be shipped to my mil address. I read that book chapter by chapter, thought by thought, page by mind-expanding page while sitting at breakfast or dinner throughout the week whenever my usual mess hall buddies were on duty and not around to sit and hang with. (you know how you sit with the same people/same table at school or work, well it's the same on base, for me anyway. ha)
MAN I loved that book. SO the point of this post, is that I can't find the book anywhere online, and I had wanted to buy another copy for a friend. ON the book is listed from $275 - $1315, which seems kind of odd, although it makes me think I'd better take care of the one I have. I posted earlier about the excitement I had at finding one on EBAY, it was in Japan and the price included shipping, my top bid was $92 and it sold for $97. shazam! alas wasn't meant to be, but I"m going to continue looking for another. :) If you do ever come across this book, those of you into philosophy of design, READ IT!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

prez speech night.... GO AMERICA...

most likely couple? come on you know it's number one and four... ha

Christianity and Homosexuality....

This won't interested any non-Christians checking out the blog, so you can move on to the pics... :)
I was just doing some thinking this weekend that basically for someone raised Christian or hopefully commited themselves to faith in Christianity, then suddenly finding yourself sexually excited by the same sex must be very very difficult. There are a lot of places online to read about it, I suppose, this site for example - Gay Christian network...
A lot of options for those people I guess. You might pretty much decide that since a many churches are perceived as responding so hateful to homosexuality, a person might decide to reject religion altogether having been rejected themselves. Maybe you someone decides to continue their faith and also pursue a homosexual relationship. Notice I make that singular, relationship. on the other hand I suppose you could have a Christian person continue to pursue living by faith and not pursue their homosexual attractions.
I think the website mentioned above puts Christian gays into two basic groups, a side A and Side B, Those who see nothing wrong in God's word living in a homosexual relationship as a Christian.....and those who believe God's word does say something is wrong with homosexuality and live as Christian while perhaps abstaining from any relationship with the same sex.
The only reason I'm mentioning any of this, is that if you were raised in a Christian church then usually you understand to wait until marriage for sex, and then if you are going to be gay and Christian then how does that correspond to lots of sex before a maybe marriage etc etc...
of course , there are a LOT of heterosexual Christian guys who don't wait until marriage but I'm talking about the serious Christian minded who maybe didn't wait until marriage but still weren't complete male whores sleeping around with any willing girl. The thing is with guys, what guy is not willing if there a bit of attraction between two of them...
all right, well these are just thoughts. I got enough on my mind with what the President is saying tonight anyway, that's a whole NUTHER post!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

caught shirtless...

2010 Sundance short films

great weekend, went to the home and garden show at the fairgrounds yesterdy. walked around mainly looking at counter tops and windows. I found this one shower faucet which is this wide metal vertical panel which goes up in front and arches over the bather (showerer?). with water comoing from above and from in front of you, with all sorts of different setting etc, one with a radio. ha anwyay they were all $350-$600. so cool looking, but probably use a LOT of water.
last night I went to the OKCMOA cinema downtown to see the 2010 Sundance short films. very interesting stuff, as usual. If you get a chance to see any of these films, or perhaps a year from now you can find them on youtube... The most clever films were Drunk History: Douglass and Lincoln, My Invisible Friend, and My Rabit Hoppy. The drunk history film was basically just filming this girl after she drinks two bottles of wine and then talks about Lincoln and Douglas. but it's SO funny the way they show it. ha ha. The rabbit film is really neat the way this kid is doing a video show and tell about his pet rabbit, and as things begin to go eerily awry, he keeps a normal narration style going as he continues to update on his pet rabbit. so great. The other film I mentioned, about the invisible friend, is in spanish, and although a bit crass at times (he masturbates with his shirtless invisible friend for example), it gives honesty to the character's situation. Excellent twist and short film. The rest of the films were all very entertaining and well done. a film titled "Birthday" was about a married lesbian couple, celebrating a birthday and both have surprises that motivate the events of the film. Hope you get a chance to catch one of these films.