Sunday, December 18, 2011

party time

morning, I had tons of fun at the party lsat night. something tells me 2012 will be a more social year. thing is I finally went and hung out with a friend from high school. she's a lesbian and married to a beautiful girl, they are both beautiful actually. anyway I went to their Christmas party last night and had a lot of fun, there were a few of our friends from high school there and then there were just many other people from okc, mainly a gay crowd but also lots of married straight couples also. sad thing though was the cutest guy there was a married guy. ha but man that one couple was my favorite to talk to the whole night and joke around with. they both gave me a big hug when I had to leave and head out. they were staying as late as possible of course 'cause it was a night out to enjoy without the kids. ha
the husband was hot hot, tall, reddish brown hair and some facial hair and super smartly dressed. his wife gorgeous shapely burnette with long long hair all done big. The party had a "wiggin out" theme so everyone wore a wig. a lot of fun. a lot of gay guys there had huge wigs on with lights and Christmas decorations all up inside of 'em. everyone had different wigs and most got taken off by late. mine was a brown long haired sort of like an 80's rocker maybe? sort of zac affron long with a long mullet in back. ha
I was in the kitchen at one point in a deep conversation with my hs friend, she was telling me how she wanted to go to church with me sometime and how she really still believes everything in God like when we grew up together ( btw we grew up together and used to go to the same sunday night youth group during sophomore and junior year.) well she was saying how it wasn't the time to get into it. ha and we laughed and said yes yes let's get together etc... I really think I"m going to start going over there more and hanging out with her more, because when we get together it's same as high school and plus I love smooching on her. (peck on the cheek is all and lot's of hugs. :) ). At one point last night I said to my friend, there are too many girls at this party. which was really true! ha this was about the time a lot of guys had gone out to the bars and many lesbians were still at the party and before the married couples showed up. ha
I need to post my shopping haul from OKC< I'll try to get to it today 'cause the outfit I wore last night was pretty much all new. hope everyone had a great weekend before Christmas, let me know if you were out with the crazy shoppers or partying it up. :)


Anonymous said...

first...i love your Christmas banner. loved it last year as well. second...i sure hope 2012 is more social for you. what a cool idea...wigs! i bet it was really funny. dan w/ a mullet...that takes some imagining. hope you will spend more time w/ your lesbian friend and have the opportunity to discuss religion and your "situations." plus it's nice to have a close friend of either sex w/out the sexual agenda. so nice! so i'll hold you to your first new year's resolution about being more social. ha! grab some Christmas "joy" throughout the year.
p.s. yep we want to hear and/or see what danarooni bought in the big apple.

Mike said...

Sounds like you'll be getting out a lot more! Awesome!