Thursday, December 22, 2011

NYC haul....

The first photo shows my little souvenir from the New Museum of Contemporary Art in SOHO, a set of little ladders that you can play with a balance to make different structures etc.. I love it. There are more pieces in the box. I just set this up on a program from the Tony Best Play award winning show "Warhorse." It was AWESOME and my sisters and I are all curious to see the film now. the next photos; The long sleeve shirt I bought at Desigual, I like the shout of blue-green lettering on front, and the way the back and right sleeve has a checkered print. Next are brown corduroy pants from Uniqlo which are wale-less so sort of velvety and very comfortable and made with a stretchy sort of fabric that fits just right, best worn with briefs. the first two pics are the outfit I wore to the party last weekend. :)

the next photos shows the Swatch watch I bought in Times Square. They had a deal buy one and get another half off. so I got one other as a gift for a friend. ha next are t-shirts. one from the show "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with Daniel Radcliffe etc.., and the other shirt is from Oquer, a graphic t shirt designer in NYC. you can click the link to check out the gallery of shirts. he was working in a little stand on the side of the street on the way to the Museum in SOHO. you can see in his gallery, I almost bought the light blue t "ice king" but got the one with wheels instead. If I were to buy another, I'd get the one with all the handlebars on it called "get a grip." I threw in a long sleeve shirt and socks from UNIQLO in the second pic.

next are mainly gift pic. Uniqlo has the most comfortable "sweat" pants ! I am wearing the army green colored ones I bought for me right now, and I have almost worn them about every day of break. it's a nylon shell with a fleece lining. SO comfortable. I bought a blue pair for my AR bud and a black pair for my dad. ( what I really really wanted was a pair in brown camouflage but they were sold out of everything but S in that color. I could have rocked a pair of those brown camo ones.... alas....).more long sleeve shirts and socks from Uniqlo, a lion head baby hat from the Christmas market, and a pair of wool striped dress socks from Daffy's, and two kids shirts from the Billabong/Element store. Last pic shows some super colorful candy from Papabubble and some ear rings, again bought from a stand on a street in SOHO. now if I can just find/make some time to wrap those gifts! :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it to the Christmas Market and to Pappabubble...its so hard to find anything that is unique...

Merry Christmas Dan,