Friday, December 30, 2011

great break

busy week, Monday after CHristmas I was invited to go to Six Flags in Dallas with my Austin bud and bf who were heading back down from OKC... but I didn't get up in time and had tons to do at home. I did however drive down Tuesday to Dallas and shopped around North Park mall, mainly getting a swatch watch looked at, 3 others a battery replaced, and then H&M there for Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews coming tomorrow with my sister who wasn't able to make it last week. Also my AR buddy J's kids. shopped around there a bit more and then headed over to my friend Randy's place and said hello to him and his kids. hung out a bit before heading off to Denison, TX. stayed at their lake house near Lake Texoma, and drove back down to Dallas Wednesday morning to shop at Ikea and then over to Mockingbird station to shop West elm CHristmas mark downs and also over to an outdoor store there I like ( talked myself out of a Nau jacket that I really wanted but no) and then Urban outfitters. Next back to Randy's for dinner with him and the kids and his bf. brought them ice cream from Braums. :) I watched a bit of the movie Signs with everyone, and then I left all my bags there at his place( couldnt' leave all my stuff in my pickup, so Randy let me rest it all at his place overnight) and headed out to meet my friend Henry at JR's. we had some drinks and chatted around with guys Henry knows, then over to Tin Room, a sort of male dancer bar, and then back downtown to JR's. lots of fun and chit chatting. H and I went back to his place and he let me crash at his place. we're just friend btw. woke up and drove back to okc yesterday morning. Got home about lunch time and took some lights down from outside, sorted through some Christmas stuff, going to be putting stuff away and back in the attic today, wrapping some more gifts so I can go see my sis tonight at my mom and dad's. Tomorrow I'll be heading out to AR for a New Year's party up there with my ex gf and other college buddies. already dreading going back to work next Wedneday. ughhhh! ha.

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