Friday, December 02, 2011

AR dreams

hey guys, pretty busy all weekend but I'll try to keep up with some posts. I am in AR for a big Christmas parade/light up the town tomorrow night. the whole town comes out for it and my college buddies have a party afterward. it's super SHWEET. also I can run into tons of people I know down on mainstreet. lots of fun etc..
drove up here tonight right after school to go on a home tour with my married friends that I stay in town with. I got here late so I dropped my best bud J's house while I waited for my friends to call me back and tell me where to meet. he answered the door in a tshirt and his boxers and I gave him a big ole hug. we're really into hugs these days. I wasn't sure if it was a bit longer than shoulda been. ha. I walked in and said hey and the kids were already put to bed. his wife came in, gave her a hug and said hello etc.. I plann to go over there and hang with them all tomorrow.
I met up with my friend down the street and walked all through this old old house all decked out, then we drove to 3 others, and I ran into all kinds of people I know from town here. a great night, crashing now and let the weekend continue! :)

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Anonymous said...

did you get any ideas for Christmas decorations? you could probably have given them some of urs. lol. have a wonderful weekend. drive safely.