Monday, December 26, 2011

another year, whew...

well I survived Christmas. 27 of us, of course 3 of those were babies. Our church had a morning service yesterday morning, then I left to the grocery store to get some egg beaters for a cake roll desert I was making for Christmas dinner. we all get together for a dinner with gifts following. This way all my sisters and brother can have Christmas with their family at home or other families of spouses. I helped set up the tables at my folks, and little by little my brother and wife and 2 daughters and their fiances arrived, then my aunt, then one sister and husband and kid, and then more of their kids, then my other sister and family and kids, then other various couples from the sisters showed up etc... house full! dinner and the we were all in a big circle in the sun room and I was distributing gifts youngest age and up, although we always end up with just mom and dad taking turns since they always get the most gifts. :)
so mom liked all the doll dresses I bought her in NYC and dad really liked the uniqlo sweatpants. My sister had already given me a Yeti stuffed animal from Sak's last week, and my other sister had a book made for me from shutterfly of all our NYC photos. ahh loved it. :)
I'm possibly going down to Dallas earlier this week, as in tomorrow, for some shopping because my sister will be in town Friday and I want to see her and the kids. this is the sister that wasn't here this year for Christmas. and then next weekend I think I may go back up to AR for a relaxing catch up with friends weekend and a new years shin dig at my ex gf place. cheers all.

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