Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tune day

back from the gym, yes made it up there and back and even had a workout routine. I need to get tightened back up, dad gum it all!!!
I'm easing back into things doing my "28 days to..." workout from Men's health a year ago. man I loved that workout. my plan is to east back into it, and then switch to a body part a day like I dad while overseas. blah blah. it's all so boring after a while, I know. ha
class last night went really well, of course I'll have to wait and see what I get back for their last essay next week. one lady chose a topic of why gay couples should not adopt kids. I had to tell her that she'd have a hard time but if she could actually find research to back it up, go for it. THing is some people have all these religious beliefs they think they'll write about and back up with a bunch of bible verses, but that is not really an academic paper since you're not going to have every reader consider your religious book a reliable resource. I tell my students to refrain from proving some religious belief and save those topics for a philosophy or religious study class. I did have some intersting topics turned in last paper that I hadn't seen before. one C paper that wrote about how prostitution should be legalized, she basically talked in circles and provided hardly ANY research. and then another one about castration of sex offenders. which was very well researched and discussed physical and chemical castration and what countries allow it etc.. very strange but interesting and I think she got an A.
THis Vietnamese high school kid who is in my night class last night said he was online applying to a University and at the end noticed he didn't qualify without a full year of an art credit. He said he could still apply but did not.. All the other students and I were telling him, yes, do it, send it in anyway, you're awesome etc, you never know. try try.. ha. anyway after that conversation, I woke up this morning thinking about the position at Admin and thought to myself. Go ahead and apply for it anyway, just to see what it's about, what it pays, and if I would even be a good fit or want to do it or not. SO today I did. we shall see if I can even get an interview or would want to take it. after teaching the last 2 days, I thought to myself, maybe it's time to not deal with the stress of these kids every day after all. ha who knows. mostly I was thinking if I did get an admin job I would still get to teach to a community college class at my other job, so that would keep me teaching something, which I love today. absolutely. :)
anyway, if anyone out there likes religious Christmas music, here is a clip of a local artist who's an excellent writer/performer. SHe has a new Christmas album out on Itunes if you like her sound. (skip to 1:35 if you don't want to hear her intro...) check it out or not. :P


drew said...

Dan, you are not teaching the "average" class and I think it is stressful. I would go for anything to reduce that stress. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the music video, I love christian music as well, not all of it. One of my friends I went to college with is a christian music artist. Wes King !! cool dude, we used to party together back in the day.

Anonymous said...

The idea of a less stressful day job sounds good, as you said you can get your teaching fix at the CC job.

Some of those admin jobs are so laid back, that you could squeeze in some prep work for the night class.

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